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  • Paget Brewster is a brilliant actress and Criminal Minds will suffer without her

    Criminal Minds has been my favorite show on network television for several years, thanks in part to Paget Brewster. In my opinion, she is an integral member of the team. I think that the show is successful as a result of the chemistry created by that particular group of actors: Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J.Cook, Joe Mantegna, and Paget Brewster. I do hope that she will be brought back, as was done before. I was relieved and elated when she was returned last time. Rather than get rid of her, I thought that her character needed to be developed further by giving her a romantic relationship-as was done with JJ , Hotch, and Garcia. I think that it would enrich the show to do that for all of them. And I strongly believe that the group should remain intact.