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  • I don't think there is a show on t.v that comes close to Home Extreme Makeover. All I can say is Pay it Forward and the world will give back to you so much more!

    I don't think there is a show on t.v that comes close to Home Extreme Makeover. The feeling you get every time you watch it is amazing. The tough guy that I am or think I am cries every time I watch it! I just wish there were more shows on t.v like this because this world would be a far better place to live in. Pay it forward!!! The best thing about this show is not only the help they give these families but the funny things they tie into each show that make it very entertaining as well. Ty you are my idol and Paige you are ridiculously cute! :)
  • wish she would be on the show more.

    wow, all i have to say about Paige is how open and kind hearted she is! she is so respectful of other people, and is such a loveing and careing person. one thing i love about this show is how loveing and respectful everyone is to each other, you dont find that in many shows on TV today. anyways, Paige is great, i really wish i had an explination of why i haven't seen her opn the show lately. im going to miss seeing her pink hard hat and bright smile on my TV screen, and just the overall presents she has on the show.
  • What an uplifing show and the personalities couldn't have been more perfectly chosen. They compliment each other so well.

    You and the crew are fantastic. Your generosity, talent and genuine concern for the families that you help are overwhelming! It is obvious that you truly care about the families that you help and that you believe in what you and the team are doing. The fact that you add beauty to the show is just icing on the cake and I don't just mean personally, but the items that you build are amazing! You always pinpoint exactly what the family member you are helping needs and/or wants in their special space. Please keep up the great work you all do and I know that at least our household will continue watching as long as you are around....hopefully forever!
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    Her boobs are really big. I love it when she wears tight shirts that show off her massive breasts. She makes the other women on the show look dwarfed. I would say her large endowment is at least a d-cup.