Paige Mycoskie

Paige Mycoskie


Arlington, Texas

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Paige Mycoskie


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Paige Mycoskie was a contestant on the CBS hit reality show The Amazing Race. She appeared in season two and finished in third place overall. She participated with her brother Blake Mycoskie. Since then, Paige had developed a stronger relationship with her brother to whom she was never close to.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During their college years, Paige and her brother Blake were separated so participating on The Amazing Race with each other helped them reunite. Both were worried that doing the race would drive them crazy but it actually brought them closer together.

    • These are Blake and Paige's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 2:

      Leg 1: (Brazil) 4th of 11.
      Leg 2: (Brazil) 9th of 10.
      Leg 3: (South Africa) 5th of 9.
      Leg 4: (Namibia) 4th of 8.
      Leg 5: (Thailand) 4th of 7.
      Leg 6: (Thailand) 3rd of 6.
      Leg 7: (China) 5th of 6.
      Leg 8: (Australia) 5th of 5.
      Leg 9: (Australia) 2nd of 5.
      Leg 10: (New Zealand) 1st of 4.
      Leg 11: (New Zealand) 2nd of 4.
      Leg 12: (Hawaii, USA) 1st of 3.
      Leg 13: (USA) 3rd of 3.

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