Paige Turco





5/17/1965 , Springfield, Massachusettes

Birth Name

Jean Paige Turco




Jean Paige Turco was born on May 17, 1965, to Joyce and David Turco. Paige grew up in Springfield Mass. She lived with her mother and grandparents after her father died when she was just 9 months old. He had a cerebral hemorrhage at age 27.

Paige was a dancer and performed with The New England Dance Company, The Amherst Ballet Theater Company and the Western Massachusetts Ballet Company. When Paige was 14 years old she suffered an ankle injury, which ended her dancing career. Paige went on to graduate from the University of Connecticut with a degree in drama.

Paige started her television career in soaps, she played Dinah on The Guiding Light in 1987. A year later she moved to All My Children playing Lanie.

In 1989 Paige left soaps for a movie career, she starred in Teenage Mutant Ninjas 2 and 3, The Feminine Touch and Dead Funny. Paige then went back to television in 1994 first starring in the short lived Winnetca Road, then in 1995 working with Shaun Cassidy in American Gothic which only lasted 1 season. While starring in American Gothic, Paige met and became engaged to John Mese. They went on to work together in Dark Tides and Road to Park City, before calling off their engagement in 2001.

Paige over the years had many guest roles on television including NYPD Blue, Party of Five, The Fugitive and Law and Order SVU. Her independent films include Rhinoceros Eyes, Astoria, Urbania, and Dead Dog.

In 2001 Paige once again worked with Shaun Cassidy in The Agency, a show about the inner workings of the CIA. Paige played Terri Lowell for two years before CBS cancelled the show in 2003. While playing Terri, Paige met co-star Jason O'Mara, who played A. B. Stiles in the second season. They got married on September 19, 2003.

They have one son, named David aftter her father. They have residences in both New York and Los Angeles, but visit Jason's family in Ireland often.

Recently Paige has filmed two more independent films not released yet. Waltzing Anna and The Favor in 2006.

She began working with ABC/Disney starring in two films Invincible and The Game Plan. This led to her role in ABC's Big Shots which was canceled after 11 episodes.

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