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  • Pamela is great in capturing and portraying all that makes Bobby the sensative observer of Arlen!

    I can never forget Bobby\'s voice saying \"I\'ve got Gout!\" in exusing his boyfriend slackery to his girlfriend Connie. Pamela does an awesome job (as does Mike Judge) in showing the many facets of Bobby as he his sensitive to Peggy\'s need to feel needed, Hank\'s need to feel respected, and still be comfortable just being Bobby while priding himself in pleasing everyone else.
  • The one who has inspired me.

    Though, she has done many shows, majority of them with the same voices, when i went over my cazy phase of bieng obbssessed with recess, she was one of my favorite voice actors, and once i saw in the behind the scenes look in the recess movie, and saw how much fun not only her, but the others were having.

    I just knew that this was a job i wanted and dreamt of.