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    • Pamela Adlon: One of the things I learned in animation is that you never, ever want to start doing a voice that you can't sustain for four straight hours.

    • Pamela Adlon: I have nothing but respect and admiration for Ginny as a director and friend and would kill to work with her again and again in medium.

    • Pamela Adlon: We get on the red carpet, and somebody says, `You have to get off the carpet because Paula Abdul is getting her picture taken'. They're like, `It's Paula Abdul!' I'm like, `[expletive] her, I'm getting an Emmy!'

    • [On why she did Lucky Louie]
      Pamela Adlon: I wasn't really actively pursuing on-camera roles for the past seven years because I've been having kids, and working in animation. This year, I kind of had to get out there because one of my shows was ending.

    • [Her first impressions of Lucky Louie]
      Pamela Adlon: I wasn't expecting much at first. You get a script and your first thought is, Can I play this part? Usually my barometer for looking at a character for myself is, if they say in the script that she's pretty or hot or has [expletive], I tell my agents I'm not gonna bother. When I got the pilot script, I gave it to my husband. He never reads anything, but I said, Honey, you have to read this. Somebody put a camera in our house. This is insane. I'm never gonna get this, but you gotta read it because it's just funny. Let's just read it to have fun.

    • [On King of the Hill]
      Pamela Adlon: I'm stunned by the level of the scripts. They let all these natural moments happen, there's actual silence on a TV show. It feels like classic television, like we're working on something that will last.

    • Pamela Adlon: When I got into voice over 14 years ago, it hadn't exploded at that point, it was the bastard stepchild of acting. It was assumed that if you did voice over your face was too [expletive] up to be on camera.

    • Pamela Adlon: When Will & Grace did a 100th episode, they all got a Porsche. When we did a 100th episode, we got AstroTurf coasters.