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  • Like her but...

    You are getting alittle too old as a sex simple. Sweet. Horrable actress. Trys too hard to be sexy witch is not sexy.
  • Pam Anderson in my opinion is the sexiest woman alive still. Most woman at her age would have lost a step but she is still posing in playboy magazine and is looking sexier than ever. Her TV show "Stacked" was an awful show, but she still looked sexy.

    It's true that she is known more for her sexy pictures than her acting jobs, but people love lookig at her pics. I know I do, everytime I see her on a TV show, any kind of appearance she makes, I have to watch it. She is ranked #9 on the sexiest woman list, but in my mind, she is #1. Overall, she is just sexy at everything that she does, and some people say that she is overrated because she can't act, but she really is known for her show "Baywatch", so she can act if you ask me. Even if she didn't do any movies or TV shows, I would still be crazy in love with her.
  • There's certainly more to her than her appearance

    I know a lot of people don't like Pam because of her bleach blonde hair and implants but she really strikes me as a decent human being. Her work for PETA is great and it's also a cause I feel very strongly about. As far as her acting is concerned she's very suited to playing the "dizzy blonde" like Val on V.I.P. or C.J. on Baywatch. I'm not so sure she'd be great in a serious role but not every actor or actress has to be of Oscar or Golden Globe material in order to be fun and entertaining to watch.
  • She's more then just a pretty face, and a porn star!

    Pamela Anderson is best known for mainly roles, and other things she has done. She was on baywatch, playboy, sex tapes, and other things. True, Pamela is a porn star, and a playboy playmate, but there's more to her then that. I haven't seen her best acting roles yet, so I wont rate her on that. But I have seen her on PETA, how she supports animals rights. Ever since I herd that she slamed Jennifer Lopez for wearing furs. I was impressed by her! Pamela Anderson is a good person at heart, she even pulled her ex-husban, Tommy Lee, for an anti-fur compain. So before you call her a slut for what she has done, think about how she cares about the things that can't speak up for themselves, and just try to call her a bad person!
  • I like Pamela Anderson and I would like to make a Pamela Anderson Blog, but I don\'t see the RSS capability here. Can you help me? Thanks. Tame Your Brain

    I like Pamela Anderson and I would like to make a Pamela Anderson Blog, but I don\'t see the Rss capability here. Can you help me?

    I especially like her interviews on Jay Leno and David Letterman. She\'s a talented lady, and she cares for her family. I would guess that she spends her life in two major areas. Her family and learning all the time what the entertainment industry is all about. I like Kid Rock and think that he would be a good influence on her children. I think she is really going places in her career and she\'ll be in charge of it in all areas.
  • HOT

    Ok whats the first thing that people think about whene they hear the name Pamela Anderson. Ok maybe the second thing. Yes you are right its the number of different kinds of shows she has been in. She always seems to have another show going for her. As for what i personally think, i think that she is hot. But i wouldnt go so far to say that she is marriage material for me. The problem with her is that she is too much attitude. She has that "rockstar" attitude about her. Shes still looks ok though. hot hot hot ya
  • Now, she is an actress, porn-star, mother, journalist and so on. I really admire her.

    She is not the best actress. Not even one of the better actresses. But, as sex symbol, Pam Anderson IS just the best. She is hot, she has style and she knows her job. Barbwire was really silly movie, for example. So was the VIP show. But and one and the other was watchable, and VIP was also and fun from time to time.
    Pam is one of the women I admire. Not only because she is undoubtlly sexy, but cause she made a family, lived all kinds off things and still stayed on top. Pam is an icon, and her name won't be forgotten so easy.
  • How did she get listed as an actor? Was she on that Stacked show? The poorly done sitcom that is only good for toilet paper? That doesn't make her an actor, in my book.

    It's not that I don't like this person. I don't know her. But I think she is very over rated. Maybe its because I'm not a guy, the people who appreciate her most, or maybe its because I'm just a critical person. Who knows.

    I don't see how she is pretty/hot in anyway. She is a withering old woman behind two massive, ridiculous looking breasts, with cascading silicone blonde highlighted hair, and deep blue contacts. In other words, she should only be as pretty as a manican because she was built and manufactured. In my opinion, I think she was prettier before and now she's a freak.

    And she cannot act. I've seen stacked. I knew it would suck because the adverts had nothing to advertise for their show besides Pamela Anderson. I watched it and it was a show starring her legs and nothing else. No acting. No intelligence. No entertainment value. Just some woman's legs. Are people really that cheaply entertained these days?

    Who knows. Maybe I'm just jealous. Maybe she really is overrated. But since I don't know this person and she may have talent I haven't seen first hand and frankly do not want to see (I'm never reading playboy to see if she's a good model. That stupid magazine is probably covered in plastic, because everyone is just fake and surgerized and wigged and covered in make up and powder and airbrushed. The reality of what women's bodies really are is largely ignored and underappreciated, and that's why I don't like it when people who ride on being "hot" are suddenly good actors when they've only acted twice)I'll just give her a six and not mediocre.
  • Pamela Anderson is a famous Playboy model, with giant life-affirming jumblies. She was the voice of a cartoon character in the cartoon Stripperlla. The implants we know she has are doing wonders, and she is a hotty.

    Pamela Anderson has giant implants with great breasts to go with them. As I have seen much of her, she is B-E-A-Yutiful all the way around. She tries to get more famous with T.V. shows, (Stripperella, Baywatch, ect...) but I think she should stick with Playboy and her beautiful nudity. She parades herself around in skimpy clothing that could be skimpier. As hot as she is, she isn't my favorite. I would love to meet her in person, maybe have a couple hundred bucks, and get lucky :p. But hey, I'd say she is hot, but other than that, a bad person. She gets a high rating from her breasts and other parts.
  • Who says bigger isn’t better…

    Recently I was reading an article…not that kind of article! This was legitimate news! Ms. Anderson was quoted as says – I’ve become the boob joke in many of the roles I play and I’m tired of this! I’m a real actress!

    Yes you’re a real actress with really big boobs – who else is there to play the part of “I have big boobs” in a movie. I thought it was hilarious that she said that, right away I thought - (what they say about blondes is true.)

    Which brings me to the point I am going to make, it went along the lines of – sex symbols never die or grow old…I hope when she gets old and does kick the can, I’m still alive so that I can watch the “Biography of P. Anderson: The Passion of The Chest!”
  • Pammy is an icon! For sure.

    Pamela Anderson truly is an icon. I think it goes without saying that she is THE sex symbol of the nineties. Even today, Pam is still as hot as ever before as she gets older. Also, Pam is probably the owner of the most famous set of breasts, well, besides Dolly Parton. In closing, Pammy is a MILF!
  • This Is For Permanent Record on Pam Anderson and Men

    I would like this to be documented somewhere in time and somewhere in place - Pamela Anderson has THEE best tastes in men !! I am a faithful watcher of Stacked. It is lighthearted in probably ways you wouldn\'t expect. It rates in my top two of comedies. My only suggesttion to Fox - it should be on more consistently. Thank you
  • Overrated!!

    I don't know why people find Pamela Anderson
    A great person or an actress
    Because she ain't special IMO
    She doesn't know how to act as well as has had many plastic surgeries than I can count
    And I am afraid to count at all
    She is just known for one thing....
    Being famous for just being famous
    It is the sad truth folks
    Just like Paris Hilton for that reason!
  • Pamela Anderson is the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world.

    I think Pamela Anderson is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is my favorite model, she has the stuff to make a man want her so badly. I think Pam should model more naked and star in a movie. Also, she should cut down on animal rights activism, because she ain\\\'t going to save a million chickens.
  • Pamela Anderson Rules!!

    I think she is the greatest and I try to watch anything she's in, whether it's on TV or in a movie or whatever. I especially like the early work she did, but I like the newer stuff, too, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
  • hot and....and..o-ya hot.

    Pamela Anderson is a smart talentet, toughtful acktress with an sparkeling personality that has bad tast in men.(LOL) Naw to be hounst with my fellow crediks Ive never relly seen Ms.Anderson in action. I did so happen see the roast of Ms.anderson that was funny. One thing I commet on is she has an pretty smile and some T.O.B. that would keep any strate man wisheing.
  • A normal girl with many assets

    Her physique is out sight but I think she's just a very pretty woman who wants the normal things that another woman wants: A good man, a family and financial security. Her body just happens to be one of the talents that she displays to her advantage, but I also believe that she is smarter than people give her credit for. Stop looking at her body and get into her head. I'm sure you'll see a different person from what you may have seen in playboy.
  • My first impressions were not so good.

    At first I thought that Pamela Anderson would be a terrible actor who was a bit of a brat etc. But after watching Stacked I thought that she did have talent! She delivers her lines beautifully and gives a lot to the show. I now think that she is quite a good actor and I will look out for her shows.
  • I would like to introduce you to the Pamela Anderson galleries available at and her top site listings at

    If you take a look at those pictures, you must LOVE her! She is all together gourgous and a wonderful personalisty. As an actor Pamela is a talent. She would probably been more actor than model, if she hadn\'t had that luck, when she was made. Therefore I must really say, that she is mine girl.
  • She is overated, and underdressed. She sucks.

    She is overated, and underdressed. She sucks. These modles keep thinking that they can act, and they are horrible. Unlike anything she`s ever done in her life, acting requirs more skill than owning a mini skirt, an the number to a good plastic surgeon. I`d pay to see her on surviver, though.
  • Well what can I say about Pamela Anderson. She was just a great actor. With a huge chest!! And shes Canadian, right on.

    I was reading her summary and I was "shocked" to read that she had Breast Inplants. If they werent she would be falling down flat on her face because she just couldn't keep herself upright.

    Well although I never saw Baywatch, ( too young ) but I have heard from friends that it was asome. Again she was in VIP, and well I never watched that either, but yet I don't have to because the posters are the best because there she is. BOOM! half of the page.

    "Striperella" Just the title is apealing for a man. And it shaped the way we look at super heros, not just of rmen in tight pants, no no our generation have Pamela Anderson in a hot bikini. Wat else can I say??

    Love her new show, watch it ever wensday, don't cancel it!!
  • Hot

    She is so hot. One of the hottest chicks Ive ever seen. I would do her anytime anyplace.
    If only I could.She is definetly a babe. She is so hot. One of the hottest chicks Ive ever seen. I would do her anytime anyplace.
    If only I could.She is definetly a babe.
  • The only talent she has is showing off her body.

    That's all that stacked and Baywatch is about. Her showing off her "wonderful" body. Her new show "Stacked" (is it still on the air?) is a total waste of time and energy. All the show is is men making jokes about how big her breasts are. Who except for a teenage boy would take time to watch something horrible like that? And I can't believe that someone with a body like her would hook up with Tommy Lee?? What did she see in him.

    But I will give her credit though because she is raising two boys and has Hepititas (sp?) C. And I feel sorry for her because she probably won't be able to see them grow up.

    But I still don't agree with what she does for a living and still think she is talentless.
  • Not the best actress in the world, but still way cool.

    Pamela is a woman who deserves a lot of credit in several areas. I am not going to say she is one of our best actresses, because she isn't. She is however an acceptably talented actress with fantastic looks, a bold, sexy and fun sense of style, and a great personality and sense of humor. She is a smart businesswoman, and she donates a lot of her time and efforts to Peta and other worthy causes. She is certainly one of the most photogenic women on the planet, and I wish her continued success and happiness, despite her questionable choices in guys. Did I mention that I am available Pam?
  • pamela anderson..................i dont like her ,she may be pretty but she has a bad rep and shows her body to much ....people may like seeing her body but i sure dont and i think its wrong and yeah just wrong i said i dont ike her at all..

    pamela anderson.............i dont like her,she may be pretty but she shows the world to much of her body while others might wanna see it not everyone does.............i feel kinda bad for her kids when they get older there gonna be seeing there moms body and hearing there friends dads talking about her and stuff like that...................shes not one of my favorites thats for sure , i get sick of seeing her and hearing about her.
  • cool. Very cool. More cool. extremely cool. pretty, very pretty, more prettier, extremely pretty.super, very super,more super, extremely super.What else you want me say abt you. I got nothing else to talk abt you after the above words. You did a very good

    Pamela Anderson. She is very cool, extremely cool. She is also very pretty and extremely pretty, very super and extremely super. Wow. I seen VIP twice and I love it. I just dun understand why you and stasha taylor can't get along very well the way you get along with kat.
  • I am finally ready to admit it - Pamela Anderson is a total babe.

    My mom is no Andrea Dworkin, but I was raised with enough feminism in my diet to know for sure that women like Pamela Anderson were not to be respected or admired. I hated 'Baywatch.' I was deeply offended by the enormous implants that swung around as Pam jogged down the beach in her little red bathing suit. I eyed her tan, toothpick-thin thighs with disdain and a bit of fear. What was this blonde alien doing in my world of pasty white skin and Siberian body-hair patterns? She must be a serious threat to the self esteem, body image, and other health-class values of girls like me. I wrote her off, and the years rolled by.
    This spring, 'Stacked' reached the airwaves. I frowned at the news, and old feelings of hostility rustled within me. Never mind the fact that I'd long since learned the joys of objectification, no matter the sex of the object in question. I had no plans to watch 'Stacked.'
    Of course, as is typical in my house, someone had the TV on when 'Stacked' premiered. Susie, my housemate and partner in both feminism and pop-culture crime, sat me down for some dinner in front of the screen. Our forks moved from plates to mouths, but our eyes never wavered from Pam's still-brown skin and heaving chest. We spoke not a word, and we watched every second of the episode. When it ended, our eyes met, and we simultaneously declared, 'She's HOT!'
    Never mind if her show stinks - I plan to enjoy it thoroughly whenever the chance arises. Never mind if her breasts are fake - I'd still make out with her. Never mind if I've hated Pam for years - I love her now.