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  • Pam Anderson in my opinion is the sexiest woman alive still. Most woman at her age would have lost a step but she is still posing in playboy magazine and is looking sexier than ever. Her TV show "Stacked" was an awful show, but she still looked sexy.

    It's true that she is known more for her sexy pictures than her acting jobs, but people love lookig at her pics. I know I do, everytime I see her on a TV show, any kind of appearance she makes, I have to watch it. She is ranked #9 on the sexiest woman list, but in my mind, she is #1. Overall, she is just sexy at everything that she does, and some people say that she is overrated because she can't act, but she really is known for her show "Baywatch", so she can act if you ask me. Even if she didn't do any movies or TV shows, I would still be crazy in love with her.