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  • pamela britton was a lovlely actress of stage,screen,and tv who never has gotten the credit she deserves for making my favorite martian the success it was.

    pamelas mrs.brown on mfm was charming and funny,and i would think you could tell martian was no earthling by not falling for was a supurb comediane and also a talented singer who originated the part of meg brokie in "brigadoon" on broadway.she was well beloved on the set of mfm,both for her kindness and professionalsm,and often threw parties at her home for the crew.there is a scene in "if its tuesday,this must be belgium",which was probably improvised,that shows her,a then 46-year old woman, skipping rope. i think she was a woman with the soul of a child,which shows through her characterization of mrs. brown.if there is anyone out there with anymore info on this lovely lady,beyond the ibdm and wikpedia bios,contact me at id love to hear more about her.