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  • My Right Arm

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 3/7/04

    Piggley wants to compete in the school's annual ball toss contest. But he has a cast over his right arm. Hector makes fun of Piggley and puts visions of itching in his head. Soon Piggley is itching all over, but his itch is under his cast and he can't reach it. Piggley's teacher, Mr. Hornsby, blows cold air under his cast with his fireplace bellows. Piggley has to teach his left arm to throw a ball. He finds that his itching helps him throw the ball but he is tempted to use the bellows. Will he give in and lose the contest?moreless
  • New Best Friends

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 2/1/04

    It's a nice spring day and Mr. Hornsby wants the class to go outside and do a project. Piggley, Ferny, and Dannan can't do it together because Mr. Hornsby wants them to make new friends. In Wiley's case, he's a teacher for the lambs. Piggley learns something about Hector, Fergal wants to be like Ferny, and Dannan and Gosford work together.moreless
  • No Girls Allowed

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 1/25/04

    Piggley and Ferny join a 'boys-only' club, much to the chagrin of Dannan. She doesn't like being excluded and attempts, with the help of Molly, to show the boys the error of their ways.moreless
  • The Legend of Raloo

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 1/4/04

    Piggley and Dannan are eagerly playing out the legends of Irish yore. They relegate Ferny to a villain's role. Ferny is disappointed, but his father reminds him Spain has legends of its own, and Ferny plays one.moreless
  • Rock Around the Cluck

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 12/14/03

    Raloo hears a new musical act, The Raloo Rockers. But a mistake on Piggley's part threatens the band. It's up to Ferny and Dannan to help Piggley regain his confidence.
  • Song of the Banshee

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 11/16/03

    Piggley, Ferny and Danna are playing pirate in a barn, which they pretend is their pirate ship. When they hear an eerie sound, Piggley suggests it might be a banshee. All this talk of banshees frightens Dannan. The next day, she and Ferny go to Piggley's for a sleepover at the barn. As night approaches, Dannan's fear rises. She, Piggley, and Ferny must locate the source of that "banshee" howl.moreless
  • Molly's Dolly

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 10/26/03

    When a truck hits a bump in the road, one of the leprechaun dolls in the back flies out of the truck and into Molly's hands. That gets Piggley thinking the doll is a real leprechaun. He reads legends about leprechauns. That, plus a few other fluke observations, seem to confirm his conviction.moreless
  • The Case of Big Sty

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 9/28/03

    One Saturday, Piggley and Ferny imagine they are detectives. Already they are on the biggest case of their childhood: What do teachers do on Saturdays? Thus they follow Mr. Hornsby, trying their best not to get in his way.moreless
  • Ferny is a Bug

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 9/21/03

    Piggley's father tells a fictitious line that some bugs are fairies. The trouble is, Piggley takes it all seriously. He cringes when Ferny squashes a bug. Maybe those fairy bugs can turn others into bugs.Ferny is busy playing hide-and-seek with Piggley and Dannan that he almost forgets he has to see his Auntie Vaca for lunch. In his haste to leave, Ferny drops his watch on top of a flying bug. Piggley and Dannan are convinced it's Ferny, transformed at a fairy's will. Piggley does what he can to protect the bug, but it only gets him through the ringer.moreless
  • Magic in the Air / Everyone Loves Clifford

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 5/27/02

    "Magic in the Air"

    Emily Elizabeth's class is doing dioramas. Charley's really into magic right now and particularly this one magician: Peter Poundstone, a fictional magician in some books he's reading. So he decides to do his diorama on this magician. He's working on his magic and meanwhile, the dogs are too, specifically T-Bone. T-Bone does "magic" by making a ball move back and forth. Actually, Clifford is making wind and then sucking the ball in to make it appear like it's moving forwards and backwards. Cleo is none the wiser to this and thinks that it's great magic. Elsewhere, Charley tries to perform some tricks for his friends. But they don't seem to work. Then, the ball that T-Bone was making move back and forth appears and then disappears. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta think that it's Charley's doing. Charley thinks that he's a great magician now. The day when the dioramas are suppposed to be turned in comes. So Emily Elizabeth and Jetta are surprised when Charley doesn't seem to have one. Ms. Carrington asks him where his is. Then, to the class's shock, he tries to use magic to make his "appear" out of nowhere. He's surprised when it doesn't work. Ms. Carrington tells him that Peter Poundstone isn't a real magician and that real people have to do their own work. Then, Emily Elizabeth and Charley see Clifford blowing the ball and sucking it back towards him outside and realize that Clifford is the source of Charley's "magic." Fortunately, Charley is given extra time to work on his diorama.

    "Everyone Loves Clifford"

    When Jetta scratches her dog Mac in his favorite spot, Emily Elizabeth is surprised at how excited Mac is. She's never seen Clifford get that excited when she scratches him. So Jetta helps Emily Elizabeth to search for Clifford's favorite spot to be scratched. They find it, an area on his gigantic tummy. So Emily Elizabeth scratches him and Clifford gets excited like Mac did. However, the scratching also causes him to thump is leg excitedly. This creates a giant shaking that disturbs everyone around him. They decide to take Clifford to the beach. Maybe the sand will cushion the thumping. So they try this and the sand does indeed cushion the thumping. However, it also creates a huge mound of sand, covering beach goers. Seems they'll have to try something else. So they go into the ocean to scratch Clifford. There's no thumping and no sand getting everyone. However, the thumping of the paw now causes a huge wave, which drenches an incoming ferry. Jetta's ready to give up. She thinks that maybe Clifford is just too big for this kind of scratching. But Emily Elizabeth has another idea. She takes Clifford home and gets him to lie on his back. This time, when she scratches him, he just thumps his leg in the air. There's a new problem with this though: it creates a mammoth wind. Fortunately, this is turned into an advantage, as there's a kite-flying competition coming up, but everyone was worried there wouldn't be enough wind to fly kites. So Clifford's able to get a good scratching and everyone else is able to fly their kites.moreless

  • Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 7/11/01

    "Clothes Don't Make the Dog"

    Sheriff Lewis has received a couple of purple sweaters from his aunt. He puts one on and then puts a matching one on T-Bone. Looking at it, he comments that it looks as good on T-Bone as it does on him. As they head out, Jetta sees them. She certainly thinks that T-Bone looks good. Mac, however, thinks he looks ridiculous. Jetta gives T-Bone a tummy-yummy for being so "adorable." Later on, T-Bone talks with Mac. He was supposed to meet Clifford at the beach, but he can't find him anywhere and wants to know if Mac knows where he is. Mac snits that Clifford is pretty hard to miss. Meanwhile, people are once again noticing T-Bone's sweater. Mac tries to get them to give him treats, but to his surprise, they give him to T-Bone, calling him "adorable." Mac tells T-Bone that when humans call a dog "adorable," what they actually mean is that the dog looks "silly." He says that if T-Bone shows himself in front of Cleo and Clifford wearing that sweater, they're going to laugh at him. T-Bone doesn't believe him at first, but Mac manages to convince T-Bone that he should give the sweater to him to "hold on to." It ends up on Mac and T-Bone says that Mac looks good in it. But Mac says that it doesn't look good on anyone. T-Bone finds Clifford and Cleo and they play volleyball. Clifford sends the ball way up into the air. Cleo tries to catch it, but she misses and the ball literally burns a hole in the ground. With the volleyball game at an end, Clifford asks T-Bone what he wants to do. T-Bone sees Sheriff Lewis coming and quickly says that he wants to play "hide-and-go seek." Clifford argues that there's nowhere to hide on the beach, but T-Bone says he'll show him a good hiding spot. He hides under Clifford's ear to avoid being spotted by Sheriff Lewis because he's afraid that Sheriff Lewis will see that he's not wearing the sweater. (He even says as much out loud, but Clifford and Cleo don't seem to hear, suggesting that he never actually said it out loud, but actually in his mind.) Having shown Clifford and Cleo "a good place to hide on the beach," T-Bone now suggests that they go over to Cleo's yard to bury stuff. At Cleo's, Clifford amuses them with funny faces. T-Bone tries one too, an imitation of a dead dog, but neither Clifford nor Cleo are impressed. As Cleo says that she's going to do a scary face, Sheriff Lewis walks by again, whistling. Cleo turns around with her scary face and T-Bone runs and hides again. Cleo's pleased, she didn't know her face was that scary. Clifford and Cleo quickly figure out what's going on and confront T-Bone on the fact that he's hiding from Sheriff Lewis. T-Bone admits that he is and explains that he took off the sweater because Mac said that they would think it was silly. Clifford and Cleo can't believe that T-Bone believed this. They would never laugh at him. They don't care what he wears, they just like him. They go to get the sweater, but just then, Mac comes anyway. He's wearing the sweater, or, at least, they think he is. It actually turned out that Jetta liked the sweater so much on T-Bone, that she bought one for him. He gives T-Bone back his sweat er. Then, Clifford and Cleo asks if he wants to go play with them at the library. Mac's surprised that Clifford and Cleo would want to play with him while he's in the ugly sweater. But, as Cleo explains, they don't care about the sweater, they care about the dog inside. So they head for the library, Mac asking T-Bone to lead the way.


    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are brushing Clifford, using brooms. However, there's a spot they just can't reach. From behind them, a voice says that maybe he can help. They look behind him and see a very tall man: Skyscraper Jackson. They're amazed, Skyscraper Jackson is the best basketball player in the world. He takes one of the brooms and brushes Clifford in just the right spot. Mr. Howard explains that he knows Skyscraper and he's going to be their guest for the weekend. Just then, Mr. Bleakman notices Clifford's hair which has gotten all over his yard. He complains to Emily Elizabeth about it. Skyscraper Jackson apologizes, since it was his fault. Mr. Bleakman sees Skyscraper and suddenly doesn't mind the hair anymore. In fact, he values it as a treasure because he loves Skyscraper Jackson and this is dog hair that was brushed by Skyscraper Jackson. Jetta comes and comments that it's nice for Clifford to be around someone who's his size. Later that day, Emily Elizabeth, Charley and Jetta are hanging out. Emily Elizabeth says that she wonders how basketball players get so tall. Charley says that they're born that way, but Jetta says that she knows of other ways. In fact, she knows just what to do to make Emily Elizabeth taller. She presents Emily Elizabeth with her first idea: stilts. Emily Elizabeth tries it and likes it. She goes to show Clifford, who's playing basketball with Skyscraper Jackson. Clifford jumps wildly when he sees Emily Elizabeth, causing her to nearly fall off the stilts. She manages to remain stable, but then Clifford barks, causing her to fall. Clifford saves her before she can hit the ground, but in the process, Skyscraper Jackson ends up crushing some of Mr. Bleakman's flowers. Mr. Bleakman gets mad again, but then goes wild when Skyscraper apologizes for crushing them. Flowers that were crushed by Skyscraper? They're now a treasure to Mr. Bleakman. Emily Elizabeth comments that Mr. Bleakman must really like Skyscraper, since normally he doesn't let anyone touch his flowers. In any case, so much for the stilts idea. Jetta comes up with another idea. She hooks Emily Elizabeth up to balloons. This is fun at first, but then the wind blows Emily Elizabeth away from Clifford. She unhooks some of the balloons and makes a safe landing. On the ground, Skyscraper Jackson comments that he wishes he could have a dog like Clifford. Emily Elizabeth says that Skyscraper should take him then. After all, Clifford should be with someone his size. Skyscraper's confused. He didn't want to take Clifford. This is interrupted when Mr. Howard tells Sksycraper that he just got a package from Mr. Kibble. Skyscraper opens it. It's his new dog, Rufus, some sort of miniature toy breed. Skyscraper says that he and Rufus were made for each other, just like Emily Elizabeth and Clifford were made for each other. Jetta and Charley come. Skyscraper asks them if they want to see his new dog. Jetta starts talking about how brave Emily Elizabeth is. She thinks Emily Elizabeth gave Clifford to Skyscraper. Then, Skyscraper shows Rufus to Jetta. Jetta's surprised, what would Skyscraper want with a dog that's so small? But as Skyscraper explains, size has nothing to do with love.moreless

  • Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 7/2/01

    "Mac's Secret Dog Club"

    Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo are playing "shuffle-dog." They have a shuttlecock. Cleo scores in the proper area for ten points. The Clifford tries, but he sends it in the water. It bounces ten times, which means that Clifford also scores ten points. Then T-Bone takes a turn, but it takes him forever to shoot. This gives time for Mac to come and bump into T-Bone. They tell him what they're doing. Mac tells them about his "secret dog club." He wants to show it to them, but he notes that "not everyone can get in, you know." It's a bit of a climb to Mac's secret spot, and T-Bone has some trouble. He has to have Clifford help to get him all the way up. Everybody thinks Mac's secret spot, which features an awesome waterfall is great. T-Bone really likes it, but then he's surprised when Mac tells him he isn't in the club. Why? According to Mac, the first rule of the club is that in order to be a member, you have to be able to get to it without help. Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone don't like this at all. They decide to have a vote to try and get T-Bone in. Mac votes that he can't be in. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone all vote yes. They've won, right? Wrong. Mac says that as the president, he has four votes. He wins. Or does he? Clifford and Cleo agree that without T-Bone in the club, they don't want to be in it either. They leave. Mac shouts after Clifford, offering him Vice President status, but it doesn't work. So Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo go back to their playing, this time Super T-Bone. Mac comes down and tries to tempt Cleo to join with tummy-yummies, but that doesn't work either. Mac leaves. He's got an exciting meeting to go to. Over at his secret location, he tries to conduct a meeting, with all the regular trappings of such meetings, such as "old business" and "new business." It doesn't work very well with just him though. He goes back to the others, who are still playing Super T-Bone, with a new trick up his sleeves. He says his club has games and he's offering prizes. Clifford says that it sounds great, but can T-Bone join? No, he's still out. Mac tries begging. It's no fun being in a club by himself. Clifford retorts that it's no fun being left out of a club by yourself either. Mac gives up. He makes an announcement and changes his vote. T-Bone's in. With everybody in, they head back to the secret spot, where they have a great time, sliding down the waterfall and having splash fights.

    "The Dog Park"

    It's a beautiful day at the park. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are there and so are kids and their dogs. But Clifford's playing disturbs Mr. Bleakman, who says that there oughta be a law about dogs in the park. He has Clifford go play with his dog friends. We see that T-Bone and Cleo are playing tug-of-war. Mac keeps changing who he's rooting for. When asks whose side he's on, he answers that he's on the "winner's side." Clifford comes and they figure they can have more fun now. They'll play "Red Rover." Clifford, of course, is Red Rover, but when he charges really fast, they all decide it would be best to just get out of the way. Clifford ends up nearly slamming into the bench where Mr. Bleakman is sitting. He causes a commotion and licks Mr. Bleakman. Mr. Bleakman calls Emily Elizabeth over and asks her to get her "galloping gargantuan" out of the way. Clifford, with his friends, decides to go find a nice big fetch stick. In the meantime, Mr. Bleakman is birdwatching through binoculars, when he spots a very rare bird, a Birdwell Island budgie. Then, all of a sudden, it disappears. It turns out Clifford took the stick that it was sitting on, but Mr. Bleakman doesn't notice that. Clifford and friends decide that they have to find somewhere to put the bird down so they won't disturb it. They head for a pond. Mr. Bleakman trails, still not noticing them, hoping to catch sight of the bird again. He scares away other birds and, not paying attention to where he's going, he ends up walking into a pond where Clifford sat down the branch. Then, the bird flies away. He sees Clifford and the gang and snaps. We see Sheriff Lewis putting up a "no dogs" sign. He asks Mr. Bleakman if he's sure about this. Mr. Bleakman refers to the city bylaws, which have a clear precedent for dogs not being allowed in the park. The next day, he returns. He's pleased at first that it's nice and quiet, but then he realizes that it's too quiet. He wonders what happened to the kids, the birds and the squirrels. Mrs. Bleakman connects the dots, explaining how without the dogs, the kids, birds and squirrels won't come. Over at Emily Elizabeth's house, everyone's bored and wishes they could come to the park. Mr. Bleakman comes up. They wonder if they've done anything to disturb him and promise to quiet down. That, however, isn't why Mr. Bleakman's there. He says thats kids like them should be in the park. And with that, he takes the "no dogs" sign and drops it in a trash can. With dogs allowed again, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are back at the park. Mr. Bleakman's hoping for birdwatching, but then it starts to rain. He looks behind him and sees that it's actually Clifford with a hose that's making the rain. Mrs. Bleakman asks if Clifford's presence is a problem. Mr. Bleakman doesn't think so at all.moreless

  • Survival of the Fittest

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 3/3/01

    While the X-Men are at a summer camp learning survival training, Mystique releases Cain Marko -- the unstoppable Juggernaut -- in hopes of getting his help in obtaining Xavier's mutant location system.
  • Dominus Goes Home

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 11/6/99

    The Voltron Force stumbles upon Dominus and find he has nowhere to go. He is taken to the Castle of Lions, where Allura hopes he will be happy and content as a pet. However, given Dominus' size, this naturally won't work out. Since his proper home is actually the Stealth dimension, what Allura must do with the giant shonga is obvious. Unfortunately, that task won't be easy, especially now that Lotor, Haggar and Kolak the hunter have teamed-up to capture Dominus.moreless
  • Gladiators

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 3 - 10/30/99

    To defeat the Voltron Force, Zarkon tries to use the law to his advantage. It turns out there is a strict, ancient Arusian law that – when invoked – leads to gladiatorial combat between two sides. The Voltron Force must consent to the challenge or else. When the time comes, Lance and Lotor meet each other face-to-face in the ring. Needless to say, despite what prompted all of this, both intend to settle their own personal grudges. The raging fight, however, doesn't stop another devious Zarkon and Haggar plot from looming.moreless
  • Biography: The Voltron Force

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 5/15/99

    Amalgamus faces his biggest challenge yet – a TV interview. It turns out that Galactic Action News is doing a Voltron Force special, and they have sent Ueep Ueep Cheremoya to garner as much information as possible. As Cheremoya asks about each Voltron Force member, previous adventures are recalled. This won't last much longer, though – at least if Lotor has his say on the matter.moreless
  • The Trial of Voltron

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 5/1/99

    The Voltron Force are accused of rebellion against the Alliance. Coran defends them in the trial, while Amalgamous prosecutes. Now with time running out it looks like the Voltron team will have to take matters into their own hands and prove their innocence.moreless
  • Dominus

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 11/21/98

    Recent radiation troubles have made it impossible for normal life to survive on Geo. However, normal life is hardly what Lotor and Haggar have in mind. The radiation and a shonga egg lead to the creation of Dominus. This massive beast may be more powerful than anything that came before, and the Voltron Force doesn't know what to do about it. As dangerous as Dominus is, he is not evil or purposefully meaning harm. This situation requires a very careful approach from the Voltron Force.moreless
  • Shades of Gray

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 11/7/98

    Strength has always been Hunk's most notable quality, but intelligence? Well, he sure isn't stupid, but that doesn't stop repeated jokes from Pidge and others. This leaves Hunk in one sour mood, and a supply run doesn't make him feel any better. If anything, Lotor and Haggar make things worse. Haggar casts a spell on Hunk, turning him against the rest of the Voltron Force and the Yellow Lion quite gray. This destructive duo goes on the attack, but Keith, Lance, Allura and Pidge can't risk hurting them. They need another solution and quickly, as Lotor has a new hostage – Amalgamus.moreless
  • Lost Souls

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 10/10/98

    The Voltron Force has a proven success record, but Amalgamus believes that they aren't really up to the task. 'Research' supposedly backs up his claims – ultimately forcing the Voltron Force out of work. Amalgamus replaces them with robot pilots that can follow orders to a tee. They have already proven quite capable in the lab, and their first field test in the Lions comes when Lotor attacks Outpost Opal. Unsurprisingly, things don't work out the way Amalgamus had calculated.moreless
  • The Slob

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 9 - 11/3/90

    After once again failing to capture Slimer, Professor Dweeb reaches an agreement with a ghost known as the Glob. The Glob will catch Slimer for Professor Dweeb and Dweeb will set the captured Sleaze free.moreless
  • You Asked for It, Part II

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 10/22/90

    Buster and Babs are in the middle of Viewer Request Day when Dizzy Devil eats up the entire box of requests. Buster and Babs end up fishing out requests from Dizzy's mouth.

    The Weird Couple: Just like The Odd Couple, complete with studio audience. Dizzy gets rained out of his cave, and ends up staying with Hamton as the sketch opens. The sketch begins with Hamton trying to find out ways to get rid of Dizzy, who is constantly making his life miserable. Things get to a head when Dizzy eats the bedroom light, and Hamton kicks him out in the rain. After loud bawling, Hamton lets Dizzy in and he takes Dizzy's cave to sleep in.

    The Return of the Toxic Revenger: Plucky is out flying in the sky when he flies into a cloud of smog, which makes the birds cough. He finds out that the smoke is coming from Montana Max's donut hole factory and turns into his famous alter ego: THE TOXIC REVENGER! He then cleans up Max's act by turning over a big donot hole vat that swallows the entire factory and the entire scene!

    Little Cake of Horrors: Hamton is going on a diet, but keeps getting tempted by a chocolate cake that controls his every move. Hamton tries to get rid of the cake, but in true cartoon-style, it keeps coming back to him. Then, all of a sudden, Hamton wakes up from the dream and calls up Dizzy to come over and eat the cake. Dizzy then states that he's been hungry since the first sketch and wants a BLT Sandwich. Hamton says that pork is bad for him, but Dizzy's not on a diet as he licks Hamton......

  • Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 9/25/90

    To scare each other, Buster and Babs try to scare each other.

    Home Wrecker: After dropping His new Summer home on Buster's Home, Max is starting to get more afraid of the consequences...
    Fang You very Much: Count Blood Count (as a Bat) go to Elmyra's house to suck Her blood, but is it really worth it?
    Easy Biter: a Mosquito gets inside Hamton's home, and tries to suck his blood by giving Hamton's bottom a sting he'll never forget!moreless
  • Don't Forget the Motor City

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 59 - 12/3/87

    Peter gets a new car, only to have it destroyed soon after. Turns out there are Gremlins behind this and other car troubles.
  • The Devil to Pay

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 49 - 11/19/87

    Winston and Ray go on a game show and a free vacation is the prize. However, the Devil is the host and they're playing for their souls.
  • Halloween II 1/2

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 10/31/87

    On Halloween night, two goblins release Samhaine from the containment unit and he takes over the firehouse.
  • Boo-Dunit

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 35 - 10/30/87

    As ghosts are acting out an incomplete mystery, Winston is charged with finishing and solving it.
  • Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 33 - 10/28/87

    A banshee disguised as a rock star arrives in New York and the Ghostbusters confront her. But what can they do when Peter falls under her spell?
  • Launchpad's Civil War

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 23 - 10/20/87

    Launchpad discovers a hidden band of Civil War soldiers. He also learns a famous ancestor was a fraud.
  • The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 18 - 10/7/87

    A detective's spirit helps the Ghostbusters to capture a cursed ghost named Blackey.