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    • Pamela Roylance: Yes, indeed, I did read the Little House books as a child. They were a meaningful memory of my grade school years. I was entirely caught up in them. Sometimes we would read, and sometimes the teacher would read them to us. What stayed with me for years was the description of the holiday foods, and how Almanzo could eat so much.

    • Pamela Roylance: (about "Little House on the Prairie") It's interesting that when I joined the show, I didn't think of it being something that would be so popular 30 years down the road. But a few years after it was cancelled, I think I knew it would last, just as the books have. I didn't think about it having such worldwide appeal, however.

    • Pamela Roylance: I felt honored to be cast as Sarah, and to join a show I had admired as a viewer for so many years. I used to come home from teaching school in Portland, put dinner in the oven, and watch Little House reruns while the dinner was cooking. I'd think, "That's the kind of show I'd like to do. Why can't I get on a show like that?" And I'd think in terms of getting on the show as a regular, not as a guest or co-star. Hence, I didn't think I'd ever be a regular on LH because it was already cast with its regulars, and was in its 6th or 7th season by that time.