Pamela Sue Martin

Pamela Sue Martin


1/5/1953, Westport, CT

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Pamela Sue Martin


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Pretty redhaired actress who first got noticed in the early 70's with roles in films such as The Poseidon Adventure and Buster and Billie. Switching to television she played Nancy Drew for a while in the series of the same name and in 1980 was cast in her…more


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  • One one woman will ever be the original Fallon Carrington Colby to people such as me. Only one woman will ever have that sharp, venomous toungue, quick humor, and those Bette Davis Eyes! Pamela Sue Martin!moreless

    With her peircing looks, the wickedness she can often give off, and the whip of a toungue she had as Fallon Carrinton, Pamela Sue Martin is easily one of the most jaw-dropping actresses ever. She brought such wonderful standards to the business when she was the most famous rich brat on television, Fallon Carrington Colby. She personally added what she calls a "Devil may care" to the character in early production, to show the world that Fallon was not just an evil, rich brat begging for power, but rather, that Fallon was a talented young woman, who desired things she didn't know how to get. Her portrayal is so rich and dense, full of instances hinting layers of emotion behind the words, the facial expressions, and the body language. Of course, not everyone can do this, thusly, Pamela Sue Martin has been highly reguarded as one of the best actresses on Televsion, a well as film. Her strong efforts landed her good roles in well recognized films as "The Poseidon Adventure", "Our Time", and "Torchlight". She has cameleon quualities, that allow her such diversity in her performances. Such a good actress, she is.moreless
  • Whatever happened to her?

    Pamela Sue Martin looked to be on her way in the early 80's. She'd appeared in the hugely successful disaster flick, The Poseidon Adventure, and then starred as Nancy Drew on TV. The latter show wasn't that good despite her best efforts but that didn't stop Pamela Sue from winning the plum role of Fallon Carrington on Dynasty. She played the role of Fallon with gusto for three seasons and was one of the most popular actresses on television. Then, out of the blue, Pamela Sue quits her role on Dynasty in order to pursue "other projects." Since then she's appeared in.......well, not much of anything. I don't know whatever happened to Pamela Sue but I wish her the best and I hope she's doing well. Evidently, Hollywood was not her cup of tea but we can all be glad that she gave us what she did while she was there.moreless