Pamelyn Ferdin

Pamelyn Ferdin


2/4/1959, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Left the acting world in the 80s and became a registered nurse. She married a surgeon. Also an animal rights activist, until 1996 she worked as director of public relations for the Center for Animal Care and Control, a nonprofit organization under contract to the New York City…more


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  • Night Gallery, as "Frances Ann".

    I saw her last night on Night Gallery, as "Frances Ann". That voice of hers, you could pick out anywhere. She played a spoiled child very well. (I wonder if her voice still sounds like that.) She was very convincing as a scared child who was coddled by her mother on Night Gallery. Which led me to look up her co-star as a child on the same episode (the intimidating character who found the hairy creature that looked like "Cousin It" from The Addams Family), Laurie Prange. Both girls were excellent child actresses whom I thought I would still find acting on shows like Grey's Anatomy or ER, but no such luck.. I'm so happy Ms. Ferdin grew up normal and seemingly happy, now an RN and married to a surgeon. I've always enjoyed her acting& wish her much happiness. BTW, TV has nothing about her. is a wonderful, informative site. Thank you!moreless