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Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini


6/26/1968, Milan, Italy

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Also Known As

La Bestia, San Paolo, Cuore Di Drago, Il Capitano
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Paolo Maldini is an Italian football player of AC Milan.


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    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (Speaking about Paolo Maldini) I watched Milan in their quarter-final, 2nd leg against Bayern Munich and Maldini went through the entire 90 minutes without tackling. That is an art and he is the master of it. He is a great player. You can't dismiss the sort of experience he has. The expectations of Milan mean he has to be at his top level all the time to be able to play at 38 because there is no way a club of that size can afford to carry someone simply because they have had a great past.

    • Speaking about being famous
      Paolo Maldini: Eventually you get used to it, but you need to learn to separate your professional life from your private life. That's the only way to cope.

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