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  • A bit extreme yet enjoyable

    I think the band goes a little overboard with their songs when they sing and they are`nt really catchy to me yet I like some of their songs.
  • Love them! Would really want to see them live!

    A was a fan of Papa Roach some years ago, when the album 'Infest' was released. But I began to lose interest when the next album 'Love Hate Tragedy' was released, I found that overall sound had changed, and so I prefer their older music. The latest album 'The Paramour Sessions' is also a classic, featuring the great 'To Be Loved'.

    Another quality I love is that the music video's are never disappointing! Some great examples are 'Broken Home' 'Getting Away With Murder' and 'Time and Time Again'.

    I really wish I could see Papa Roach live sometime, I have seen online video's of them and their live perfomances look great!