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  • Amazing Performer!

    Paris Bennett came in 5th place on American Idol in Season 5. I thought she should of won the competition! Paris is amazingly talented! Her grandma is Ann Nesby. My favorite performances from her are:
    All I Do
    Fever (Amazing Vocals!)
    Work it Out (The Best!)
    Foolish Things (Terrific!).
    Paris was just phoenominal and awesome! The only thing I don't like about Paris is that she changed her hair style every week. I like how her singing voice is different from her speaking voice. Simon said that her speaking voice sounds like Minnie Mouse! Paris is so talented! Go Paris! She is just amazing!
  • A girl with a great personality and a great deal of talent.

    Paris Bennett is a great singer and overall person. She has an oustanding voice and she is a great performer. She really interacts well with her audience. Paris also has a great personality. She has a ton of confidence in herself, but she isn't the least bit self-centered. Paris is so modest, sometimes I wonder if she realizes how much talent she has. She was loved by all three of the judges on American Idol during the fifth season, on which she placed fifth. You can buy the American Idol Season 5 cd, on which Paris preforms "Midnight Train to Georgia." Unfortunately, however, she does not yet have a record deal. But there are high hopes that she'll get one, well-deserved, very soon.
  • Paris is great and people are hating!!

    Paris can sing and she should have won the whole competition. She's going to get a contract anyway, and to all haters mostly two people who agree with the haters, need to shut up 'cause they can't sing!! Paris is great and ya'll losers are stupid for thinking that she is annoying. Screw everybody that don't like her 'cause she is still going to make her money and make more money than the winner and will have more success, and be everywhere. She is that person! Everybody that don't like her are just jealous and self-absorbed and need to recognize who the real singer was in the competition, and that's Paris and I'm done.

    -KidMizzle's sister
  • Paris Bennett is the most superb singer ever to perform on American Idol!

    Paris Bennett has a great voice and she has to win this competition. The person who I would like voted off is probably Taylor Hicks, because he is not a favorite. Paris Bennett puts her heart into every note and has it come out great. She is intelligent and would make the perfect American Idol. She is one of the best people that I\'ve ever seen, and if she doesn\'t recieve a recording contract then it will only happen because of the stupid people who don\'t know what they\'re voting for. Rock on Paris Bennett, I give you support. I vote for Paris Bennett every week in the TV.coom community and want to show people how great of a singer she really is. I know this statement is really off topic, but I could see Paris Bennett as an actor in the future. Vote Paris Bennett on American Idol!
  • paris-representin Georgia

    i dont care what ya'll say but my gurl paris is def-def-definitely gonna win.she has a load of talent and everytime she sings i get blown away and get little goosebumpies on my arm.i admit she has her days where she doesnt sound excellent but she always sounds great.she's only 17 and has a voice that sounds just like the great legends out there today.this georgia peach has all the charisma in the world, especially when she does her lean wit it,rock wit,u know how we do in the GA!.Get 'em gurl!!!
  • Paris you are a pretty girl but i\'m kinda sick of your hair extensions-otherwise your doing awesome

    week after week she has blown me away with that voice of hers. I dont know but when i first heard her talk at the auditions i thought there was no hope for her but she blew me away. any time i hear her sing i get goosebumps. she is an incredible singer and has great talent. i think she has what it takes to win american idol.
  • no talent

    one of the worst most awful people to ever be on american Idol absoluitly zero talent whiny no talent thinks her peppy little atitude can save her sorry talentless self, should of been gone long long ago, hope she leaves very soon this no talent person should of never maade top 12
  • Paris Bennett is 17 yrs old. She is one of the finalists in American Idol.

    Paris Bennett is a very lovely 17 yr old to me. I don\\\'t think nobody in America would hate her. You can not help but like her. If she gets kicked off next week she will make more records than her favorite singer Beyonce. She should at least make it to the finale with Katharine Mcphee.
  • Paris is talented in her own right. And she has potential, but her attitude needs a little adjusting. She needs to be a little more humble.

    Paris will one day be a star in her own right. But, having said that (I love Simon), let's get real. She's too young, too cocky and doesn't have the maturity in her voice that will be needed to make it as a star. Paris, stop screaming and sing! Anyone can yell a tune, but to be an "idol" you need to sell a tune. Paris needs more coaching in voice and humility.