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  • Apparently, all you need to do to become famous is be a whore

    Paris Hilton: A talentless, disgraceful, hideous woman who got famous by sleeping with guys.
  • Spoiled little Bi***

    Hate her. Should have stayed in jail longer.
  • Paris Hilton, non-talented, happy go lucky, a disgraceful woman.

    I can't even call her a woman! Really spoiled and undeserving to be famous. Her song that I forgot it's title (see? that's how her songs suck), I dislike it for being repetitive and autotuned to the max. She has no potential in holding money and power. She shouldn't have been rich. She gets spoiled by money. And she doesn't get any conscience in her problems. She should be behind bars as a lesson, not by house arrest! She must be testified. Between the Hammer and The Anvil!
  • I think the episode of South Park called Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset greatly describes her

    How this spoiled and talent less person could become famous is way beyond me.... My biggest problem with Paris Hilton is that she did not do anything to be famous, in fact the only reason why she is famous is because her dad is rich! Also, she always thinks she is above the rest, in her mind no one succeeds her. Also, another thing that bothers me is that some people consider this disgusting person a role model for children, in fact even Paris Hilton considers her self a role model. To say the least everyone succeeds this brat and she does not deserve to be famous!!!
  • I love Paris, the city, but hate Paris, the girl.

    What the hell did this woman do to become so famous? Oh! I see, she was born rich and she used the family money to become well known... I can't like a woman that it's so idiot and have no notion of what is the real world. Although I don't think she's the one I should blame, because if she is popular, is because there are people who like her... what I don't understand, and that says a lot about our society ourdays, is how the hell there are people that like her. What do they have in their brains?
  • Dont hate her, but dont love her either

    Paris Hilton is a spoiled brat. She thinks she is better than everyone else when shes not. Im not going to say i hate her because i cant hate someone i dont know. But i dont really like her. Shes not pretty and shes fake. From what i heard she sleeps around a lot. I do like one of her songs and shes not a bad singer. Never seen her acting so i cant judge her on that. I heard she really likes and cares about animals so shes not all bad. I must admit even with all the haters Paris still manages to keep her head high and i respect that.
  • Paris Hilton was born in New York City on Feburary 17,1982. She is an heiress to the owner of the chain of Hilton hotels. She has her own tv show Paris Hilton's My New BFF on MTV.

    Seriously, what is wrong with this chick. This woman is unpredictable! She had her own perfume line. Why is she letting money go to her head? I watched her show and I can say that this show is nothing but people on the floor stripping. She has everything. Instead of being some amateur porno she needs to start giving. This chick is pathetic, making sex tapes, show inappropriate body parts on tv and she has the nerve to call herself a role model. That ship has sailed a long time ago. This is what happens when you let the love of money go to your head. I guess that rich people are content with little. This woman needs help!
  • To quote Tina Fey: Paris is a "Piece of S***"

    It was hard deciding whether to list her as "talentless" or "spoiled brat". I would have gone with talentless, because I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm implying she's a spoiled brat who has a little bit of talent, but almost everyone else went with "talentless" so I decided to shake it up a little and go with something different.
    Anyway does anybody, anybody at all, actually like this person? Paris might be the most universally hated person in the entire world. She's not only talentless, she's a total airhead, and she's not even attractive. She's not ugly, but she's far from "movie star beautiful". I guess the only reason she's a "celebrity" at all is because we all hate her.
  • What's her talent?

    I know getting sick of paris Hilton is a vast understatement, but I have to say that I am extremely sick of her. I can't undertsand why she has stayed so famous. I know her dad has a string of hotels, but the thing is that she has no talent to garner as many fans. I guess she does stupid things because she thinks it will better herself, which is sneaky smart or plain stupidity. The thing that bugs me most is that she seems like she is an ugly person inside as well. There is no reason to like her as a person because she has made a living on being cruel and shallow. Thank you.
  • To quote Tina Fey; "Huge piece of sh*t."

    It speaks volumes about our country when someone with no talent can garner such ridiculous amounts of attention. She is trying to convince America that ignorance and stupidity are good, and it is horrible that people actually buy into it. It's not all her fault; when your born into that kind of money you don't really need to be smart or well educated. She was terrible on SNL, and she was horrible on the Simple Life. People like her should not be revered or respected, but put up as a reminder of what not to be. Biggest piece of sh*t ever.
  • Most misunderstood young lady to garner the spot light. Is she spoiled? Is she a brat?

    She is a self-made celebrity who has successfully used her name to earn a living. She is an attractive, sexy, young women. If the opportunity presented itself, I would love to met her. I would like to get to know the private Paris Hilton that the world doesn't see. From what I have read about her, she works very hard for her money. I'm sure anyone of us would grab the opportunity, to make millions, while having fun. We all make good and bad choices so who are we, to judge her. I believe she is a very smart, astute, business women but presents, the allusion she is not. Only time will reveal the real strength lying within Paris Hilton.
  • She is hot xD

    Well, I just love her,
    I know why the people hate her, its because they are jealous about she is having everything w/o working hard like everyone else.
    I dont care if she is rich or she do not work at all, I just care about how she is personally and I hope she is like I think.
    First time I saw her on tv, was 2 years ago on The Simple Life with Nicole Richi.
    I love that show cause u can see how she is w/o having everything.
    I hope after seen My New BFF show (best friend forever), she start another called "Now I Need My New BBFF" (best boy-friend forever) cause if they do this show, I will be the first to send my audition tape hehe...
    Ok everyone, here is my last words for Miss Hilton,
    Never change the way u are xD
  • Slut,spoiled,talentless as well as...

    Come on! Paris Hilton is such a bad actress. If we didn't have her in show buisness she may not have screwed up her life so much. She only became famous because she had money and looks. I wonder how many directors she slept with? My question to Benji Madden is "Why, Benji?! Why?!" and my advice is "Break it off, break it off now!" Do you agree? He could do so much better than her. plus her face looks like she has eaten too many sour candies cuz you can see her cheek bones very easily. I know it's not nice to make fun of people and jeer at them but Paris really irks me! She doesn't have any talent what so ever. God, I'm such a manic!
  • Famous cause of money.

    She is spoiled because she has a TON of money that her great grandfather owend a hotel. She made a CD but it didn't go so well and it isn't popular. If you have money you can do and buy everything in the world and even fame which is bad. If you buy fame it won't turn out the way it is. Some people in this world really want to be famous and they become famous through hard work not just buying it with your great grandfathers money right. She is spoiled and how can people look up to her. She could of just took the buisness of the hotel and still be rich instead of buying her way to fame and making a CD and everything else.
  • And she is famous because...?

    Heiress of the Hilton Hotel. She has modeled, acted in "Simple Life", an author, singer (she has a bad voice) and fashion designer. This girl loves to party. She is always wild and gets arrested for driving drunk. This girl does a little to much drugs if you ask me. She supports
    vegetarianism, which is the only positive thing about her in my opinion. She is just plain awful, I think she need theropy. She even posted nude for a magazine!!! Im sorry she always saying "Im Hot," from a girls perspective, I don't think she is that pretty. This girl should go to church more.
  • She's OK, I guess... but if she and Benji break up, I will NOT BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................

    Paris Hilton has a good (and bad) side. Here are my examples:

    Bad Side: She's dated like 1,000,000,000 guys... then dumped them. Had a s3x tape featuring her and her ex boyfriend. Hard party girl. Went to jail. Gotten drunk. Lots of other things....

    Good side: Donates to charity. Gave 100 dollars to a poor guy on the street (that's nice). Cares for animals. Apologized after going to jail (I think). Is thankful for everything she has.

    Then she has a really cute (REALLY CUTE) boyfriend, Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte. If she stays like this, she'll be fine (kind of). But if she gets back to her partying self... well, then... good luck!!!!!!....
  • Eckkk!!

    Uhhh, i dont get why she is famous. She is rich and pretty(not to me of course!!). The only way she is famous is how how she's rich. It like instead of talking to her, your talking to some piece of paper money thats just whatever. I really have no idea what to writer because there's nnot much about her, just money and her "fabulous" so called, life. Besides all that, she is making up her mistakes, hopefully she will continue, which I doubt. All she does is party, party, and she gets paid for it. No thats what I call wrong!!!!!!
  • people talk but do they know what they are really saying about paris hilton?

    to everyone who talkes the crap about paris..f$@& off

    who are u to talk.
    nobodys perfect u think shes just a spoiled brat who doesnt know anything..not true. she a kind, loveing, and fun person

    we all made mistakes in life. dont hate her becuase u think she has no meaning in life, she does everyone does. u may think that she cant sing or dance or shes a ugly slut. but to others shes beautiful smart and talented. people look up to her and idolize her. so go ahead and talk.. but ur only drawing attention to yourself and ur making a complete ass of yourself.
  • Talentless spoiled ****

    She wouldn't be anywhere in this world if it weren't for money. She pulls this crap for publicity. She tries to fool the system when the going gets rough. Big deal, 45 days, oh my. That's nothing. If I was the judge i would've given her a year. Every one who associates with her ends up in trouble. She goes around with her little dumb dog and gets drunk at night clubs and goes driving. Does she only think of herself or does she stop to think maybe I'm endangering someone else's life. She just gets in the seat and roars away never thinking she could kill someone.
  • Two words - she sucks

    Paris Hilton is a young terribly rich lady that doesn't know what to do with her self…
    That's right Paris is one of the examples of those celebrities that are famous not for their dues or talents but for being filthy rich. She has NO talent, her songs are cheap and lame, she's famous just because she's rich and paparacies like writing gossip about her partying and stuff like that. They just love making pictures of her drunken face, disgusting :( All she does is drinking in her 'cool' parties and spending money for her microscopic dogs to keep her look fashionable! She doesn't think of charities, NO! She donates money for poor people just to look so cool like 'look at me, I helped the poor I'm so great!' She once said it her self that she donates just to be more popular! She discuses me!!! And the worse thing is that some young girls want to be like her!!! She's a horrible row model for behavior! She should be 'banished' from television I tells ya! She makes bad influents in our society! Like Sheen from Jimmy Neutron once said 'She's a witch I tells ya, burn her! Burn her!' So this is my opinion about Parris…She's lame and that's it!
  • I think Paris is a spoiled brat, but if your parents were filthy rich, wouldn't you be the same way?

    Well, to get started, I feel that all this hate towards Paris is unnecesarry. I mean, I know she doesn't do anything to earn her money, but she tried didn't she? I mean, she recorded an album (thay didn't go so well) and she has a TV show, and it's alot of people that are famous because of their parents. She will do something with her life, but for now all she has to do is look gorgeous for the cameras, and if this review was all about looks, I for sure would've given her a 10. But alot of people don't like her, and if I am the only person on that actually likes Paris, so be it.
  • ah!!

    Paris Hilton is the Hilton Hotel hieress who loves to party. She is in the show the Simple Life and she has attempted to sing. I don't like Paris, i think she is annoying, she can't sing and she hasn't really done anything that I would watch. Overall I think Paris is just plain annoying and overrated.
  • She's an heiress that gets famous for being infamous. Yeah...

    I can't stand this spoiled brat! She's probably only famous for being an heiress, starring in an amateur porn movie and going to jail... twice! Personally, I hate her singing, I hate her stupidity which makes her look as stupid as a piece of wood, and I agree with the overall rating of 4.4! IF she changed after being charged for DUI twice and being in jail for it, I'll find it a miracle. One good thing about her is that she COULD change for the better and donate to charity, etc. But, most people find that unlikely. IF she gets famous for doing good things, she MAY get another chance for the fans and ranters. I'll stick with the ranters in saying she's a spoiled brat!
  • she doesnt now how to life her fabulous life.

    paris hilton is ok i will say, i like it when the good things happen to her, but she doesnt know how to act, but she is ok in singing, but its like no fair. sh bought her singing career, and some people who couldnt buy it but deserves it should get it for free. paris hilton is like on and off and on and off and on and off. first she released her single stars are blind, and it tops the charts, then she hangs our wit britney spears, and goes to jail? thats what i dont like about her. but yet, thats not hot.
  • to the person who said she sucks, I'm not sure which way you meant it but either way is probably correct.

    take overused any way you want. I was surprised the score was sor high too. I can't stand her but as much as I can't I will have to admit she did sound different on Larry King, I'm sure it's a trick and she will be back to her annoying self in no time. I want to hit myself for even wasting my time to write about her. We all know she doesn't have any type of talent and found a way to make money on that. Good for her I guess not that she needs it. I actually think Nicky Hilton is the hottest sister even though I can't stand either one of them.
  • paris hilton is the best

    shes my idol and rolemodel and my favrite celbarty. love her shw the simiple life she is a very good singer . she is a good model. i ove her dog thinkerbell its so hilton and nicole riche make good friends . paris is the best shes dose not deseve to go to jail but shes getting out so thats cool i want to be just like her proud fan of paris hilon
  • Hopefully, from her interview from jail she has turned out different.

    I believe this girl may just come out of jail a changed person. Some times it takes jail and just a little bit of affliction for some ppl to realize just what they shouldn't be doing in life, and what they do need to be doing in life. I just hope shes nothing like she was before, because if she is, i'll lose all hope in her.
  • Paris Hilton!?

    OK, this is really weird, cause I'm like reviewing Paris Hilton.

    It's kinda strange that she can be classified as an actress, when all she had to do was be born and be a major skank to land the roles she has in television shows and movies!

    Anyway, I saw her performace in Veronica Mars, and she was actually a tiny bit convincing. Most of the time she was so extremely horrible that I had to fast-forward through her scenes, but I think she may be a classified enough actress to play an extra in some amaeter film on YouTube or something.

    I can't wait to read whatever book she dishes out on her experiences in jail - perhaps, like, she could, like, fill up, like, the whole, like, book, with, like, all these likes, and like, others likes.

  • I'm sorry, but she's annoying.

    Of course the only tv show she can be on is a reality tv show! The genre on tv entertainment when you don't need any experience in acting at all. She can't be that great of an actor, just getting fame through her fortune. I also doubt her singing ablities... She sounds like she's high 24/7 and I don't know many people that like her at all.
  • The way I see it there are no good or bad role models. People can either be good examples on how to behave in civilized society or they can be good examples on how not to behave in civilized society.

    I had an algebra teacher in college who wanted us to look at subtraction differently so as to better handle some of the algebra problems. He told us not to look at subtraction as "take away" as we were taught in elementary school. "Addition and Subtraction are the same thing. Addition is the adding positive numbers, while Subtraction is the adding negative numbers. It's the same thing" I can apply the same idea to role models. The way I see it there are no good or bad role models. People can either be good examples on how to behave in civilized society or they can be good examples on how not to behave in civilized society. We grown-ups have choices to make in life. Paris Hilton made some bad choices. Paris Hilton was arrested Hollywood on Sept. 7th 2006 and charged with driving under the influence. She blew a .08 (In California, driving with a .08 blood alcohol level is the minimum level for DUI). She pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to 36 months' probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines. On Jan. 15 she was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. When she was informed that her license was suspended, Paris signed a document acknowledging she was not to drive. Then, on Feb. 27, when she was pulled over a third time a judge sentenced Paris to 45 days in county jail for violating her probation.

    Being a resident of Hollywood (Where Paris was first arrested) and having lost a friend to a drunk driver I was very disturbed when I heard that Paris Hilton was released because of an unspecified medical condition. Do the jails not have medical facilities? Paris like many others arrested for drunk driving seemed more interested getting out of trouble then showing any sort of remorse. Paris did do an Anti Drunk Driving Ad in Seventeen Magazine, but my cynicism tells me that was a PR move. Then again getting arrested is a good PR move for Paris Hilton because she lives in a world where there is no such thing as bad press. As a celebrity and I use that word loosely, Paris gets invited to do a P.S.A. as a way to work off her sentence. She also gets VIP treatment in our justice system. Now she will be under confinement in her 2,700-square-foot Hollywood Hills home, wearing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, for the remaining 40 days of her sentence. As I’m writing this I see on the news that she got some of her favorite cupcakes delivered to the house for free. Paris should be a good role model on how not to behave in civilized society. Instead she reaffirmed a long-standing belief that if you are rich and good looking you can get away with anything. Soon Paris will make money off of this situation. I see books, designer orange jump suits and official Paris Hilton jewel incrusted ankle bracelets.

    Looking at the big picture I also see a problem that our society refuses to acknowledge and that is that Drunk Driving is a huge problem in this country. With that in mind I would like to give my closing quote to MADD’s National President Glynn R. Birch, "This is not hot. MADD is disappointed that Paris Hilton is not accepting the consequences for her serious actions. MADD believes everyone convicted of drunk driving should be held accountable and receive an alcohol ignition interlock device on their vehicle. A person typically drives drunk nearly 100 times before they are arrested, so being lenient with "first-time" drunk drivers does society more danger in the long run. A 5000-pound vehicle in the hands of a drunk driver is a weapon".

    Stay tuned and stay safe.

    Tony Figueroa
    PS: It’s not over yet.
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