Paris Jefferson

Paris Jefferson


3/1/1972, London, England, UK

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Paris Jefferson


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Born in London, England, Paris was raised in Sydney, Australia, before relocating to Los Angeles (via London). She followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother as a performer, both of whom were dancers. She herself was on stage from the age of five doing ballet, and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Paris' favorite actors are Miranda Richardson (of Blackadder fame), Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Gene Tierney, Marlon Brando, Russell Crowe, Richard Rocksborough, and Frances O'Connor.

    • The role that Paris has played which she considers the most interesting aside from Athena on Xena was playing Janis Joplin for a British Channel 4 film. One of the things she remembers about that role was that she had to look as bad as possible, in order to look the part.

    • Paris' hobbies include hiking and traveling. She also enjoys volunteer work. Aside from her efforts for Greenpeace, Paris once taught kids in a village in Fiji how to Rock & Roll dance.

    • When asked what role she would most like the opportunity to someday play, Paris replied that she would like to play Maggie in Tennesee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

    • Paris' favourite movies include On the Waterfront, Laura, Big, and Strictly Ballroom.

    • When asked about the worst acting job she has ever had, Paris said it was shooting a commercial in Amsterdam. It was the director's first professional job, and it ended up taking 36 takes to get everything necessary. But the thing that made it awful was that Paris was hanging upside down the entire time they were shooting! In the end they had to quit because Paris' eyes became impossibly bloodshot.

    • Having lived in various periods of her life in Australia, the UK, and the US, Paris says she doesn't consider herself to be of any particular nationality. However, when the Olympics take place she roots for Australia.

    • Paris says that she wasn't completely happy with her fight scene in her first Xena episode "Amphipolis Under Siege" because she was recovering from bronchitis at the time, and she felt out of breath the whole time.

    • Paris' favorite part of her three episode arc on Xena was her final fight with Lucy Lawless. She said that by that time she knew how to fake her fight well enough that she could just enjoy it instead of worry about how well she was doing. As a petite female she had never really had the opportunity to do something like that.

    • Paris spends as much of her free time as she can supporting and campaigning for Greenpeace. She has said, "It's as important to me as acting."

    • Paris is 5'2" tall.

    • Paris really liked her costume for Athena on Xena. She says it gave her the best cleavage of her life!

  • Quotes

    • Paris: I suspect Xena has probably put me the on the map here in the US more than anything I`ve done apart from maybe A Will of Their Own. People in the UK might recognise me from things like Sherlock Holmes and Poirot, but I`d say that, in the States anyway, most people would probably know me from Xena now.

    • Paris: Just before I started working on Xena, I was actually doing a play in Los Angeles called The Greeks, which was all about Greek mythology. So Zeus, Ares, Athena and all those people around her were very familiar to me by the time I did Xena. I felt very comfortable with it all.

    • Paris: (on her role as Athena for "Xena") It was so much fun when I had a fight with Ares. Kevin [Smith] is about twice the size of me and could probably kill me in real life just by sneezing on me! But in Xena I got to hit him with my sword and he went flying back 50 feet!