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    • Park: I'm not much of the indoors type of person when it comes to keeping fit. I love walking, hiking, swimming and riding my bike.

    • Park: Fighting for the environment has been more rewarding than anything I've ever done. We need to warn people that the beauty we have in this area is a mirage. There are some real environmental problems here, and if people aren't aware of them the beauty of our mountains and rivers can trick you.

    • Park: (about "Empty Nest") I had a hard time with what I call "not reality-based stuff" — things that [the writers] would make me do that were just hillbilly stuff, which drives me completely over the edge. I would fight to keep some integrity to the kind of character I was playing and keep it from being Hee Haw, which I did. But it wasn't easy.

    • Park: (On costar Dinah Manoff) She tortures me to death. I'm a country girl, and I don't understand her vicious big-city sense of humor. I went to her one night and said, 'Dinah, I have a bad feeling that I'm not doing good this week.' And she said, 'Park, it's true. I've heard they're writing you out of the show....' She keeps me in line.

    • Park: I really like this life. I'd like to have several shots at it. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'll take it.

    • Park: I really like bars. I love to shoot pool. And I can.

    • Park: You grow up in Appalachia, there's a certain set of standards and a certain set of rules — and they're not Southern. We are not Southern. We are Appalachian.