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Parker Posey

Parker Posey


11/8/1968, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Parker Christian Posey


  • Behind the scenes of The Good Wife
  • Behind the scenes of The Good Wife
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TIME magazine dubbed her "The Indie Queen," and few actresses have worked as often...or received so many critical Parker Posey. In her ten years as an actress, she has made more than thirty films, ranging from such independent classics as "Dazed and Confused," "Party Girl," and "The…more


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  • An extremely unique actor with a sense of humor

    The first movie I ever saw Parker Posey in was "Best in Show" and the first thought that crossed my mind about her is, "My God, she's hilarious!"

    Of course that opinion hasn't changed, but since then I've seen every one of her movies I can get my hands on, from quirky indie classics ("Clockwatchers") to big-time studio productions ("Blade: Trinity"), in which she still manages to retain that bizarre charm.

    I would say that my following of Parker Posey borders somewhere between a girl-crush and an obsession, but she has been superb in each and every one of her movies and she certainly deserves everyone's attention, which she is slowly beginning to get.moreless