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  • He loved the circus!

    I traveled with the Rudy Bros. Circus around 1960, with my friend who was a clown, Robert "Locke" Lorraine. I had met him in Flint, Michigan when he was with the Polack Bros. Circus. I moved to Hollywood and was working at a theater, and on a work break, I ran into Locke who was window shopping at a men's clothing store. He suggested I travel with the circus, that was starting their season in Riverside, California. I loved circuses and it wasn't a hard choice to make. Actor, George "Gabby" Hayes visited the show, driving his white Cadillac convertible, and said he had wished he had been with a circus instead of movies because circus people were more friendly. And actor, Parley Baer, was the circus advance man. I recognized him from the OZZIE & HARRIET SHOW, when he played their next door neighbor. He chose Locke to be the one who went ahead of the shows to do promo work on television and the radio. He also visited many hospitals for children. Many years later, I heard that Parley had taken over the Polack Bros. Shrine Circus. I never knew he had married a circus performer until I read it here. But, the show was short lived. It was too expensive to keep it going. It broke his heart. And as Cecil B. DeMille stated,..."it's the Greatest Show on Earth." Locke and Parley are now gone and when you lose friends, good friends, it is very hard to take. Parley is now with Gunther Gabel Williams, Clyde Beatty and many more of his circus friends, including Locke Lorraine, who was also a movie extra in many films.