Pat Benatar





1/10/1953 , Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Birth Name

Patricia Mae Andrzejewski




American rock/hard rock singer Patricia Mae Andrzejewski was born on January 10th, 1953, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY. Young Patricia grew up in Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY, following in her mother's footsteps and studying opera.

In 1971, at the age of 19, she married highschool sweetheart Dennis T. Benatar, taking his surname. Together, they moved to Richmond, Virginia, where Pat took up work as a bank clerk and singing gigs at night. The couple moved to New York in 1975, and divorced.

Pat, confident in her singing ability, began her singing career earnestly. In 1977, Pat was discovered in the comedy club Catch a Rising Star during an amateur-night contest. That night, Pat found her stage persona in a wild Halloween costume, complete with taudry clothes and over-the-top makeup. Terry Ellis witnessed the performance, and Pat Benatar was signed to Chrysalis Records. After this, Pat began recording music for the next twenty years.

Pat Benatar is one of the defining female icons of the eighties. Several of Pat's better-known songs are 'Fire and Ice', 'Heartbreaker', 'Hell Is For Children', 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot', 'I Need A Lover', 'Shadows of the Night', 'Treat Me Right', 'You Better Run', and 'Love Is A Battlefield'.

Pat married the band's guitarist, Neil Thomas Giraldo, in 1982, and together have two daughters, Haley Egeana (twenty-one) and Hana Juliana (twelve). Pat's legal name is now Pat Giraldo.

Pat still writes and tours with her husband Neil and the rest of the band.

Pat Benatar Discography: 1979's "In the Heat of the Night", 1980's "Crimes of Passion", 1981's "Precious Time", 1982's "Get Nervous", 1984's "Tropico", 1985's "Seven the Hard Way", 1993's "Gravity Rainbow", and 1997's Innamorata.