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Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell


10/10/1976, Eureka Springs, AR

Birth Name

Patrick Brian Burrell


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Pat Burrell was born on October 10, 1976, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Burrells were a blue-collar family led by Pat's father, John, who worked construction his entire life. John moved the family to Boulder Creek, California, when Pat was young. Their new homein a town of 2,000…more


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  • Pat plays outfield for the Philadelphia Phillies.

    Pat is one of my favorite players in the game today. He was the first draft pick for the Philedelphia Phillies in 1998, and he has made quite a mark on the team. Pat is an excellent athlete, a former quarterback and basketball player in high school and college, along with starring on the baseball field. He is a big player, at over 200 pounds and over six feet tall, and he has played third base, first base, and was switched to the outfield permanantly by the Phillies. Pat the Bat will continue to contribute for the Phillies for a long time.moreless