Pat Buttram





6/19/1915 , Addison, Alabama, USA



Birth Name

Maxwell Emmett Buttram




The son of a circuit-riding Methodist preacher in rural Alabama, Pat Buttram became one of America's best-known comic entertainers. Pat left Alabama a month before his 18th birthday to attend the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. An announcer from radio station WLS was on hand to interview members of the crowd and settled on Pat as a typical visitor from the south. The interview that followed was anything but typical. Pat made a hit with his hilarious observations on the fair and was immediatly offered a job with the station. This led to a long and happy associtation with the poular program National Barn Dance. During those years, Pat met Gene Autry, who took a liking to the young comic and later brought him to Hollywood to replace Smiley Burnette, who had found other work while Gene served in WWII. Together, Pat and Gene made many western films and a TV series, "The Gene Autry Show", which aired from 1950 to 1956. They remained close friends until Pat's death in 1994. Pat has made numerous guest roles in various shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Munsters, and Petticoat Junction. Pat Buttram's next big role was the con artist, Mr. Haney, in the hilarious sit-com, Green Acres, starring Eddie Albert as a New York attorney Oliver Douglas and Eva Gabor as his wife Lisa. Afterwards Pat lended his unique voice to various roles in animated films such as The Aristocats (where he once again ran into Eva Gabor who lended her voice to the film too), The Rescuers, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and A Goofy Movie. Sadly in 1994, Pat Buttram passed away due to kidney failure, but he's still remembered and bringing laughs to millions of people today.