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  • She's the cat's meow!

    Though Pat Carroll's had a lot of acting jobs, game show appearances & cartoon voices, the role that I like her best is Jon's Grandma from Garfield.

    Grandma first appeared in A Garfield Christmas (1987 CBS) as well as Garfield's Thanksgiving (1988 CBS). She has that crazy laugh, loves cats (even Garfield was fond of her) & loves to play a mean piano!

    When A Garfield Christmas first came out, it didn't have my favorite scene. Years later, they added that scene in the special. I'm talking about the piano number! The family gathers around the piano as Doc Boy played & sang "O Christmas Tree" terribly (even Simon Cowell would groan). Then Grandma takes over, plays a jazz version of that Christmas carol & ends it by singing "Boop-boop-dee-boop"!

    To this day, whenever I hear "O Christmas Tree" sung around the holidays or the playing of "Maryland My Maryland" during the Preakness Stakes, I always have to sing "Boop-boop-dee-doo" @ the end of that tune!