Pat Hingle





7/19/1924 , Denver, Colorado USA



Birth Name

Martin Patterson Hingle




Pat Hingle's father was a building contractor, his mother was a school teacher. Although Pat was born in Denver, they moved around a lot; Pat went to high school in Texas, and entered the University of Texas in 1941, majoring in advertising. Pat did a stint with the U.S. Navy during WWII; after the war and an honorable discharge, he went back to the University to finish his studies. It seems Pat switched majors, because now he was in the drama department-- in fact, it is there he met Alyce Dorsey, they got married on June 3, 1947. They eventually had 3 kids; (but they divorced about 25 years later).

Pat and his wife moved to New York, and he began to get jobs on stage and in the new medium of television. In 1954, Pat was on Broadway in the stage hit "End as a Man"; it is there that he became friends with his costar, Albert Salmi, and it would be a lifelong friendship. (In 1956, Albert married actress Peggy Ann Garner; in 1957, they had a daughter, Catherine Ann Salmi, nicknamed "Cas". Albert was all thumbs with his first baby-- his friend Pat Hingle, who had 3 kids by now, taught him how to diaper the baby.)

In 1958, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Archibald MacLeish wrote a verse play based on the book of Job in the Bible, it was titled simply "J.B." -- Pat had the title role, as a modern-day Job. Pat's brilliant performances got him high praise and lots of recognition, it was the high point of his career on stage. Pat would appear in about 100 movies in his long career, and had about 80 guest appearances in TV series, most memorably in such c shows as "The Twilight Zone" and "The Untouchables."

On October 25, 1979, Pat remarried; his 2nd wife is Julia Wright and they are still married. Perhaps the most "high visibility" roles Pat had was playing Commissioner Gordon in the wildly-popular "Batman" movies. Pat also kept performing on Broadway, he was in a production of "1776" portraying Benjamin Franklin in 1997. Pat Hingle has had a wonderful acting career that has spanned over 5 decades; he's been in so many shows and movies that fans instantly recognize his face. Pat Hingle -- truly one of the greats.

Height 5' 10" (1.78m)

Spouse: Alyce Dorsey (3 June 1947-?) (divorced) 3children.

Julia Wright (25 October 1979-present)