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Pat Paulsen





7/6/1927 , South Bend, Washington,USA



Birth Name

Patrick Layton Paulsen




Pat Paulsen began his comic career in the 60's after serving with the Marines in World War II, he returned home to jobs including, truck driving, postal clerk, Fuller Brush salesman and working in a mine. He joined an acting troupe called "The Ric-y-tic Players" where he honed his natural comedic skills. He was discovered by The Smothers Brothers who hired him for their show The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and with his deadpan look and double talk humor he was a hit. In the 70's he had his own show Pat Paulsen's Half a Comedy Hour which ran on ABC for 13 weeks. His catch phrase was "Picky, picky, picky". He appeared in several episodic television programs and movies in the 1970's and early 80's. Pat Paulsen ran against President Bill Clinton in 1996 for the New Hampshire Primary with a total of 921 votes over Clinton's 76,754.