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    • Pat Sajak: A celebrity's opinion should not be given any more weight than anyone else's, unless there is some special expertise the celebrity brings to a subject. That expertise should involve real life, as opposed to having once portrayed a doctor or a mayor or a scientist in a movie or on a television show.

    • Pat Sajak: Working with Merv (Griffin) can be quite the experience. I remember once going out to lunch and the waiter asked, "may I take your order?" Merv then pulls out his notebook and says, "great idea!" He writes what the waiter said down and turns to me saying, "this will be a great puzzle for the show." He is one of the brightest and smartest men I have ever met.

    • Pat Sajak: (on Wheel of Fortune) I honestly didn't think the show was going to last much longer when I started in 1981. I thought a year would be lucky, 13 weeks more likely before it was back to forecasting the weather.