Patric Knowles





11/11/1911 , Horsforth, Yorkshire, England, UK



Birth Name




Patric Knowles is a British actor who never played a minor role in a feature film. Born in 1911 in Yorkshire, England, the actor headed to Hollywood in 1936, after debuting his talents in English film three years earlier. He landed a leading role in the film Give Me Your Heart, which was his American motion picture debut. That same year he became friends with Hollywood's A-list actor, Errol Flynn, on the set of The Charge of the Light Brigade. Knowles became Flynn's support man in later films, including the 1938 blockbuster film, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Four's A Crowd, which premiered later that same year. Knowles acted in a number of horror films during the 40s, and he paired up in a few comedies with Abbott and Costello's towards the end of the decade. Knowles contributed 35 years of his talents to the film and television industry. He made his last motion picture in 1972 in a film called the Man, where he played opposite Joseph Sergeant and James Earl Jones.