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    Limiting the agent's commissions to between 2 percent and 5 percent? That's the greatest idea I've ever heard!

    Why don't you guys get your agents to do your new media contracts for you? Because your agent isn't legally qualified to do the work necessary? Because your agent isn't legally qualified to protect the writer, the writer's work, or the writer's rights? Then what the hell are you guys doing paying them 20 percent? Aren't you going to need that 15 percent to 20 percent to pay someone who is legally qualified to protect the writer's rights?

    They shouldn't do this to young people! We are an intellectually advanced society, one that is more intelligent than they were in the 1950's. After driving a taxi for almost 10 years, there isn't an agent in this country that deserves more than 5 percent from any of my paychecks! How much is your agent worth to you now--when all the writers are in the streets with picket signs and tin cups? Oh yeah, the writers arereally getting their money's worth out of their agents now, aren't they?

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