Patrice Camhi

Patrice Camhi

Birth Name

Patrice Martinez


Also Known As

Patrice Martinez
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Patrice's name is Patrice Martinez, Camhi was a error during the first season of Zorro that was never corrected. Patrice is from New Mexico. She has at leased one brother named Benito Martinez who is also a actor ( he guest starred on two Zorro shows) Patrice's interest…more


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  • Intelligent, lovely actress who created unforgettable Victoria Escalante in the Family Channel Zorro series. She was able to bring a delicate beauty with spirit and fire and depth to her role, making Victoria a delightful heroine we could cheer for!moreless

    This young lady named her own character in the Family Channel Zorro series, and created a whole new heroine. She gave Zorro a reason to fight and a love to dream on. Her dark Spanish beauty lit with an inner fire really provided a wonderful sparkle to the entire show. Zorro/Diego de la Vega, her true love, was played by Duncan Regehr who provided a great hero with charm, athleticism, and terrific good looks. You knew that Victoria Escalante, the character portrayed by Patrice Martinez, won Diego's heart at first sight, and Zorro won hers as well. Her enchanting smile and feisty spirit made a great foil to the cautious and bland but secretly smitten Diego, the very real man behind Zorro. These two intelligent, graceful and gifted actors gave nuanced performances and created an ongoing and growing relationship between their characters as the show progressed. Too bad it ended so soon. Ms. Martinez is seldom seen on the screen, but she is truly missed!moreless