Patrice ONeal

Patrice ONeal


12/7/1969, Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Birth Name

Patrice Lumumba Malcolm Oneal


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Patrice Oneal (born Patrice Lumumba Malcolm Oneal on December 7, 1969 in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, United States) is an African-American comedian, actor, and former World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) writer. Oneal is a graduate of Northeastern University. Was a star high school football player, he was to play for the…more


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    • [On when he knew he wanted to pursue a comedy career]
      Patrice Oneal: When I was seventeen. I had a legitimate desire and want to do comedy at seventeen, but I started at twenty-two. It's like exercise. You say, "I'll do it tomorrow," and then you don't do it and say, "I'll do it tomorrow," and then 365 tomorrows later you still haven't done it. Eventually, I did it today and I've been doing it today ever since.

    • [On acting]
      Patrice Oneal: I think serious acting is easier than being comedic. It is easier for me to be dramatic on camera than it is for me to be comedic. I enjoyed being serious on camera. I would love to have a great role. I was looking at Dane Cook in Mr. Brooks and it looks like he's doing something that's going to bring him out of that whole standup world.

    • [On the audience at his shows]
      Patrice Oneal: A lot of people walk out of my show. If I've got 250-300 people in the audience, 20 will walk out. I average about 20 walkouts, which is good. Because everybody else stays, and I love that. That's what comedy is. Not everybody should be laughing at everything at the same time. That's not even natural.

    • [On being booed at The Apollo]
      Patrice Oneal: I came out there nice and arrogant and got taught a big fat lesson.

    • Patrice Oneal: Calmo, calmo.