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    • Patricia: I love all the actors in my family. I really respect them as artists and I enjoy them as people, and we always have such a good time. When they're there, I just feel, well, I feel like I'm always myself.

    • Patricia: (Patricia on why she took her role on 'Medium')I wanted to play a woman who looks normal. It's important for me to be real.

    • Patricia: It's dangerous for a young woman in Hollywood to desexualize herself.

    • On being a family-orientated, down-to-earth person in Hollywood. Patricia: I'm comfortable in this business. Maybe because my dad was an actor, as well as my grandparents and great-grandparents. And I also know that it's a fickle business so I don't trust it. There's a lot I actually hate about it. But I do love acting and I do love the weird family that you create on set.

    • Talking about her brother, David, and Courtney Cox's baby. Patricia: I didn't have any advice for David because he has always been such a big part of my son's life. I had my son when I was 19, so David was about 17 when he was born, and was always babysitting and he loved that baby so much. So I knew that he didn't really need any advice.

    • On what attracted her to Medium. Patricia: I really liked the relationship I was reading…and the complications of having this kind of macabre, dark world, and trying to have a happy family at the same time. It seemed like a lot of conflict and that's always interesting to play.

    • On her relationship with her husband. Patricia: I have to say, for the first time in my life I really do feel like I have a beautiful partnership. He's so easy to be with and so fair and good.

    • On her son following in her footsteps. Patricia: His teachers all say he's really talented, but I don't know what he wants to do. Right now, he just wants girls and music!

    • Patricia on spending time with her family. Patricia: I spend less with my family now but my daughter comes down and plays with the girls on the show, and so they all kind of lump together and have fun. My son is spending a lot of time with his dad since I'm here so much. But he's also a teenager, so even where he's there, he's like, 'I'm in my room! I'm with my friends!' And he drives now, so I'm having to experience my little nestling flying away.

    • Patricia Arquette is not afraid to take chances, and deciding to try to become an actress was one of them. Patricia: I always wanted to do it, but figured I probably wouldn't be any good. And if I was good, I figured I wouldn't get any work anyway. It was such a gamble, really.

    • Patricia Arquette likes a unique environment because it makes her feel at home.
      Patricia: Stacks of newspapers and leaflets, poems, and little drawings people had made. I still don't really feel like I'm living somewhere, even when I'm in a hotel room, unless I have a pile of papers there--messages, notes I wrote to myself, or things sent to me, whatever. I don't like anything to be too pristine. It bothers me.