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  • Patricia Barry was one of my favorite TV actresses of the early 1960's. Patricia projected a lovely mix of wide-eyed sly humor and enormous sex appeal.

    Most TV dramas of the early 60's (as well as now) revolved around heroic, workaholic, purposeful men. But beautiful, stylish women did sometimes come into these flint-hearted heroes lives by way of the alluring female guest star-who would be sure to be gone by next week.

    Some of my favorites of these magnificent women were Rhonda Fleming, Inger Stevens, Vera Miles, Joanna Barnes, Joanna Moore, Julie Adams, Gena Rowlands and Hazel Court.

    But no one stirred my 12-13 year old libido more than lucious Patricia Barry. Patricia had a curvacious body and great legs combined with a wicked, wide-eyed sense of humor.

    Poor George Grizzard was dizzy in love/lust for Patricia in the "I Dream of Gennie" episode of "Twilight Zone", but Patricia just felt sorry for him. She took his ardor as her due.

    George Maharis was so desparate to meet Patricia on "Route 66" that he pretended to be Martin Milner. George seemed to be making some progress in winning her favors, but it turned out Patricia was just using George to help her get a better job. George looked mad and hurt when he found out, but Patricia just smiled. You had to pity (and envy) her boss (Peter Graves).

    Patricia put a rare big smile on Perry Mason's face, and you couldn't help wondering what the usually serious lawyer was thinking.

    An evil but delicious Patricia offered her ample favors to Rod Taylor on "Hong Kong" if he wouldn't turn her in, but somehow the stalwart Rod turned her down. This strained credibility as far as I was concerned. I can't imagine me ever turning her down, no matter how evil she was.

    On "Diagnosis: Unknown", series hero Patrick O'Neal had a big grin on his face as he seemed to be staring down at Patricia's clevage, even with her husband in the same room. But Patricia just smiled right back at Patrick. She was used to men making fools of themselves over her.

    Patricia Barry's warmth, beauty, talent and humor imprinted on me at a critical age, and I've never gotton over her. Nobody could look at Patricia Barry without smiling.