Patricia Burke

Patricia Burke


3/23/1917, Milan, Italy



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  • Patricia is well missed by many people even me becuase she was my Cusin from Aspinal side of Family a have same blood type that they got from Aspinal side of family.moreless

    Robert Aspinall is Tom Burkes half Brother and not 9 Children there were 9 Burkes and 7 Aspinal Children. If Patricia Husband John sorrie for loss of you loved one from 2003. Everyone Patricia did well for her Career becuase used watch her on TV when she was in Robbin Hood movie but a never told about burkes untill a was 16 years old. My dad knows muchly and Imagine burke used live accross road on Robert shaw st Leigh - Lanchsire - England - Even got picture of on Aspinal Briget Mary Aspinall witch we have 2 generations of Aspinall Family. We help burkes with money so could feed all 9 Children and becuase James Burke Came from Wicklow Ireland we know allot about him and if your a burke. We split becuase of money causes with Burkes and Asspinals. We want what best for Vera Burke the Nease of Family and we don't wanna have anything off her but if she offering will take becuase we closes on Asspinal side but if burke claming for Vera in Leigh a think betta go ask for Vera Burke in Weatherspoon leigh called The Thomas Burke before was classic Cinamar. Thanks regards; Michael Birchall. Relitive Tom Burke - Patricia Burke - Marie Burke. Marrie Born in London.moreless