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    • Patricia: I don't consider the fact that I've dated several men in my life and not married one a failure. I consider that a good time.

    • Patricia (in 2005): I don't have a computer.I'm just technologically challenged. It's enough already with the phone, the voicemail, the fax machine. If I had to answer email I'd go insane.

    • Patricia: I've never done TV day in day out for years and I don't think I could. I'm very claustrophobic. It is why I've shied away from a TV series and I've been offered many. There is such extraordinary TV, but it's too hard for me. I kind of like never knowing what I'm doing.

    • Patricia (On New Orleans): Of course the city will be rebuilt. It's a great place to visit and an even better place to grow up. Its diversity and culture are with you forever.

    • Patricia (On George Clooney): I just think he's truly one of the best people in the business. You look up 'exemplary' in the dictionary and there's George. That's exactly what he's done – he's put his money, and his fame, where his mouth is. After a while, what are you going to do with it? But you can actually affect change. You can actually make a difference.

    • Patricia (On President Bush and Hurricane Katrina): A to F? F. One to 100, 100 being the best, I'd give him a one. The government simply did not show up.

    • Patricia (On being a celebrity): I'm thrilled if it means that maybe my name can help get an independent film made, honey. I'm all for that. I'm proud of the fact that my name is known because I've been in all these great films.

    • Patricia: When I'm on subzero energy, I have to remember that a lot of little films just go away. I mean, you shoot these small films, and you never know what the hell is going to happen-- and suddenly, they go to Sundance, they get great distributors, and two are coming out within two weeks of each other. How amazing is that?

    • Patricia: I love Brian DePalma and I do to this day. I adore him. You never forget your first. He gave me my first movie job in my whole life. He was amazing to me.