Patricia Medina





7/19/1919 , Liverpool, England, UK



Birth Name




An Englishwoman of Spanish descent, Patricia Medina had noticeably more passion in her than other young British actresses of the 1940s, and the local film industry didn't know what to do with her. When, after the end of the war, her actor husband Richard Greene decided to try his luck once again in Hollywood (which he'd left to join the RAF), she went with him. The marriage broke up soon enough, but she stayed in California anyway. In the 1950s, Patricia Medina got lots of roles in costume films, including a few minor leads, although her best part was as Milly, a stripper who comes to a bad end in Orson Welles's "Confidential Report" (aka "Mr. Arkadin"). She also did a very great deal of TV, and was memorable as a sneezing villainess in "The Man From UNCLE", a hard-hearted wife who pays the price for infidelity in "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" and as fiery senoras in "Burke's Law" and "The Name Of The Game". In 1960, she married another actor, Joseph Cotten.