Patricia Potter

Patricia Potter


3/3/1975, Molash, Kent, U.K.



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Patricia Caroline Potter


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Born on the 3rd of March, 1975 Patricia Potter grew up on a farm near Molash, Kent. She attended boarding school and graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She has starred in both Holby City and Brookside, she lives with her husband Jim.


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    • Patricia: (On her character in Holby City) I think she would do anything for her friends, she's always bailing Ric out isn't she. And it's a little known fact that she's a magnificent dancer. Naturally I share both these qualities with Diane.

    • Patricia: I've become a lot more confident as I've got older. I was hugely shy and unsure of myself when I was in my teens. As for appearing confident in my roles, I think that could be to do with the characters I was playing being quite sassy themselves!

    • Patricia: (On what inspired her to become an actress) Fame. Money. And a hope that one day I might work with Hugh Quarshie. Actually I think it was more to do with the fact that I am not terribly good at anything else, but I can't really remember, I just loved it.

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    i think that patricia potter was absolutely amazing in holby city. playing diane, potter could actually act the part really well (unlike others!) and made the character come to life. it was a real shame when diane committed suicide and left the show, because holby was a biy dry without her. i am not sure what potter has acted in since, but i know that she would have done it well. when diane left holby, it changed the dynamics of the drama so much and i really noticed that she wasn't there, though with some of the other characters i dont. you're wikd patricia potter xmoreless