Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge


2/17/1929, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England UK

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Katherine Patricia Routledge


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Daughter of Catherine and Isaac Routledge. Her father was a haberdasher, and during WWII, the family lived weeks at a time living in the basement of her father's shop. She attended Birkenhead High School, where she sang in the choir and ran the Sunday School. She studied English…more


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    • (On being asked who was the greatest influence in her career)
      Patricia Routledge: My mother was my great inspiration, right from the start. She wasn't a theatre mother at all. Where I come from, you don't really encourage your children to go on stage but my mother was always wonderful and always behind me. I'm very lucky to have had her.

    • Patricia Routledge: I don't think about relaxing really because I love my job so much, and I think if you do enjoy performing, you know you get your therapy done that way.

    • (Discussing fan letters she has received)
      Patricia Routledge: One was from a woman who had just learned that she had a difficult disease to fight and that the future wasn't good. She returned home and turned on the television set and there I was. She said she just sat there for half an hour and the program put things curiously into perspective and made her feel much better about everything. I found that very moving and also very humbling, because it made me realize that the business of entertainment is really very important.

    • (Talking about her role as Hyacinth Bucket)
      Patricia Routledge: I can't understand why a monster like Hyacinth should go to people's hearts - but she has.

    • Patricia Routledge: There is nothing like that audience response when it's working with you - nothing.

    • Patricia Routledge: People have always pitied spinsters. We have been derided, as if we had missed out on life. Well, we need not miss out on anything today!

    • Patricia Routledge: I just want to do good work with good people in good places. And as for retirement, I can hardly spell the word. I'm driven, really. The demons won't lie down.

    • Patricia Routledge: When I approach the pearly gates, I'd like to hear a champagne cork popping, an orchestra tuning up, and the sound of my mother laughing.

    • Patricia Routledge: I don't think you can go it alone. There is a positive force for good outside oneself, call it God if you like, that has the strength to turn darkness into light.

  • Patricia Routledge is, in my opinion, one of the funniest and finest actresses ever to grace the stage and screen.

    'Talented' is best word to describe this amazingly versatile lady. She can sing like a nightingale, do superb comedy and very strong drama. Truly an all-round performer.

    Most people would know Patricia best for her flawless portrayal of the arch snob Hyacinth Bucket in 'Keeping Up Appearances'. For five years, audiences were delighted by each episode as Hyacinth worked on her endless quest to be 'above' the rest of the community in wealth, etiquette and social standing. The results were predictably hilarious and I honestly can't think of anyone who could have done a better job.

    Not many people realise that part of Patricia's extensive stage background includes extensive singing and that she is very skilled. People old enough will remember her from 'Coronation Street' and later, in her role as elderly 'private detective' Hetty Winthrop. Even aged over 80, Patricia is in excellent health and continues to work regularly. She has never married nor had children but she certainly leads a very busy life and her work brings joy to millions.moreless
  • Patricia Routledge is one of the best British actresses of all time.

    I have just watched the full length film of Hetty Wainthrope Investigates. At the end of this production, she had me in tears as was she, when she finally got through to her bereived and shocked friend. Even though she is such a great character actress - (Hiacynth is Hiacynth, Hetty is Hetty and whatever part Patricia plays, she fully transfomrs into that character) - somehow throughout the part, she manages to maintain her wonderful true self, playing her role whole heartedly and from the gut. She has the same stature, facial features and steadfast determination as my ex-mother in law,(sadly deceased), perhaps that is why I feel a great fondness and admiration for her. She deserves all the awards possible.moreless