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    • (On being asked who was the greatest influence in her career)
      Patricia Routledge: My mother was my great inspiration, right from the start. She wasn't a theatre mother at all. Where I come from, you don't really encourage your children to go on stage but my mother was always wonderful and always behind me. I'm very lucky to have had her.

    • Patricia Routledge: I don't think about relaxing really because I love my job so much, and I think if you do enjoy performing, you know you get your therapy done that way.

    • (Discussing fan letters she has received)
      Patricia Routledge: One was from a woman who had just learned that she had a difficult disease to fight and that the future wasn't good. She returned home and turned on the television set and there I was. She said she just sat there for half an hour and the program put things curiously into perspective and made her feel much better about everything. I found that very moving and also very humbling, because it made me realize that the business of entertainment is really very important.

    • (Talking about her role as Hyacinth Bucket)
      Patricia Routledge: I can't understand why a monster like Hyacinth should go to people's hearts - but she has.

    • Patricia Routledge: There is nothing like that audience response when it's working with you - nothing.

    • Patricia Routledge: People have always pitied spinsters. We have been derided, as if we had missed out on life. Well, we need not miss out on anything today!

    • Patricia Routledge: I just want to do good work with good people in good places. And as for retirement, I can hardly spell the word. I'm driven, really. The demons won't lie down.

    • Patricia Routledge: When I approach the pearly gates, I'd like to hear a champagne cork popping, an orchestra tuning up, and the sound of my mother laughing.

    • Patricia Routledge: I don't think you can go it alone. There is a positive force for good outside oneself, call it God if you like, that has the strength to turn darkness into light.