Patricia Wettig (I)

Patricia Wettig (I)


12/4/1951, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig
  • Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper of Broth...
  • Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper of Broth...
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Patricia Wettig is best known for her role of Nancy Weston on the Emmy-Award winning ABC dramathirtysomething. She won three emmys for her role as a wife and mother battling cancer, while trying to save her marriage, and find her own artistic talent. Patricia was born in Cincinnati,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Patricia initially preferred Emily Van Camp to play the role of her character, Holly's daughter on Brothers and Sisters because she believed them to have chemistry. Emily got the part.

    • After attending college, Patricia performed with New York's Circle Repertory Company between 1980-81. She appeared in such off-Broadway productions including "Innocents, Thoughts, Harmless Intentions," "The Woolgatherer," "Childe Byron," "The Diviners" and "Threads".

    • Patricia studied at Temple University in Philadelphia after she graduated high school.

    • Patricia is 5'4½" (1.64 m).

    • Patricia's daughter Roxanne also had a guest-starring role on Brothers & Sisters in 2007.

    • Patricia's husband, Ken Olin guest starred on Brothers & Sisters in 2007-08 as her character's love interest. Olin is also a producer on the show.

    • Wettig is of German descent.

    • Patricia has three sisters: Pam, Phyllis, and Peggy.

    • She enjoys the chemistry between her and Sally Field on Brothers & Sisters.

    • Patricia's son, Clifford, also works on Brothers and Sisters, as a writer.

    • Patricia's son, Clifford, attended preschool with Lizzie Herskovitz, Marshall Herskovitz's daughter. Marshall Herskovitz was one of the producers of Thirtysomething, which Patricia and Ken were cast in.

    • In 2005, Patricia was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for her play My Andy. The award honors outstanding work by female playwrights.

    • Before costarring on Brothers & Sisters, Patricia Wettig and Ron Rifkin worked together on Alias, where he played Arvin Sloane and she played Dr. Judy Barnett.

    • Patricia and her husband, Ken Olin, costarred in Thirtysomething in the early '90s. They were married long before, since 1982.

    • Patricia has a recurring role on Alias, as Dr. Judy Barnett. Ken Olin, Patricia's husband, is the series' producer and director.

    • Patricia was Shirley MacLaine's personal dresser.

    • Patricia studied acting at the Neigborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York, New York.

    • Patricia studied Drama at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    • Patricia got her master's degree in Playwriting from Smith College in May of 2001.

    • In 1991, Patricia won a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama, for Thirtysomething.

    • Patricia has won 3 Emmy Awards for Thirtysomething: 1988 - Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. 1990, and 1991 - Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

    • Patricia married Ken Olin on November 8, 1982. They have two kids, Roxanne and Clifford.

  • Quotes

    • Patricia: If I was a farmer, I'd have a long gray ponytail. But I wouldn't show up today with gray roots. If everybody is having surgery and you haven't, you look old.

    • Patricia (on winning a Golden Globe for her portrayal as a cancer patient): Somebody told me the other day, 'Oh, you won a Golden Globe,' and that's great, and it's not that I don't like winning those things. Those are fun. Those are like putting on a hat. But when people relate in that deepest way to what I've done, that's the stuff that feeds my soul.

    • Patricia (on working with husband, Ken): We've always worked together. It's so much a part of how we do things, we don't see it as peculiar. I would expect some whispers (from jealous actors), but I don't know that I care that much.

    • Patricia: (on what sets Brothers & Sisters apart) I think you'll be able to recognize your families and your issues, and not just watch it as a fantasy show. Fantasy shows are great - I'm not knocking them - but for my other appetite, I like to find myself.

    • Patricia: (on bringing work home) I know that when we did Thirtysomething it was very hard for us to leave it at work. We were so in the middle of that show. But Brothers & Sisters is new, so we'll see where it ends up going. Hopefully, you can bring it home to a certain extent and then that's enough; it's back to our lives.

    • Patricia: (on viewer's reaction to her role on "Brothers and Sisters") People come up to me and say, "Oh, I wanted to hate your character! You're the evil woman, the nemesis.... But last week you said something that made me want to like you."

  • Talented but underrated!

    One very talented actress who is very underrated but she is good at what she does best. Showing her range of emotions and range of acting that you are supposed to expect. And maybe beyond but in a good kind of way. She first came to attention as the cancer-stricken wife on Thirtysomething which starred her real-life husband Ken Olin. But he didn't play her husband in the show. Glad that she is back on regular tv on Brothers & Sisters. And that she does really well and glad that she and the other castmates get along really well! Underrated but very talented!moreless
  • Patricia is one of those rare breeds that makes you feel her character and her emotions. She allows you to get inside of her thoughts and her emotions. You forget the actress and consider her real.moreless

    I compare Patricia Wettig to Meryl Streep. She is the Meryl Streep of television. I watched her on "thirtysomething" and actually utilized her performance in my profession working with cancer patients and educating professionals on how to communicate with patients and caregivers dealing with a life threatening illness. I still use these scenarios in my speeches.

    She is fantastic on "Brothers and Sisters" along with the other stars. They compliment each other. I am pleased to see her and her husband working on another project. I also would utilize Ken Olin's role as Michael as one of the more supportive characters of what Nance was going through. I classify him as the silent support.

    Congradulations to both of them and please continue with the first rate TV.

    Edgar Guedrymoreless