Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Bauchau


12/6/1938, Brussels, Belgium

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Patrick Nicolas Jean Sixte Ghislain Bauchau


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Patrick was born in Brussels, Belgium and raised in Belgium, Switzerland and England. He is a graduate of Oxford University, where he studied modern languages (he speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian and German). Patrick's career began with an internship under French New Wave director Eric Rohmer. His first…more


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    • Patrick Bauchau (On Andrea Parker): Andrea Parker is in reality a very kind and considerate person whom I admire...both as a person and as an actress...I'm always amazed at how effectively she portrays a character so contrary to her own persona.

    • Patrick Bauchau: I was having dinner with some friends in Paris, and there was someone that I didn't really know there as well, and suddenly this person got up, kissed everyone goodbye and started to leave. He apologized and said that he had to go home and see The Pretender. He said dining with Syd was one thing, but that he still wanted to go see the episode!

    • Patrick Bauchau: When you are in a blockbuster movie, you tend to execute a pre-established program and seem to be part of a giant battleship. In the art films, it's more of a guerilla style and less structured. In some ways, TV and art movies have more in common, because you discover what's to be done, and then you can be more creative.

    • Patrick Bauchau: I have played leading parts in 5 different languages. They sum up my own linguistic capacities - English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Depending on how much time I spend in these zones, one or the other will be rusty in my head...German right now because I have not been there in a long time.

    • Patrick Bauchau (On his role as Sydney in The Pretender): My position in the series is privileged since I play a character that is both sympathetic and realistic. People feel warmly towards Sydney when they recognize him.

    • Patrick Bauchau (On his character, Sydney, in The Pretender): In the case of The Pretender, my character was supposed to be a bad guy. He turned out to be a compromised role, one who definitely has his good side more emphasized by the work. I am sure a rough side still exists in Sydney, but at this stage in life, he has more distance on it, with his past.

    • Patrick Bauchau (On getting his role in The Pretender): My agent called me in the middle of the night and mentioned that I should report at the earliest opportunity. The next thing I knew, at the end of the shooting I left for LA and Toronto where the pilot was filmed. The way I was cast...because the casting person called Tori had seen a film that I had shot the year before in Brazil - The Interview - in which I played a priest. And so from playing a Catholic priest I found myself playing a "priest" in The Pretender.

    • Patrick Bauchau: I was a great fan of the very first Bond that came out, Dr. No, and I've seen most of them since.

    • Patrick Bauchau: I have a good ear, so I can slip quickly into a foreign language when the culture is attractive to me. I have in the course of time picked up a certain number of languages.

    • Patrick Bauchau (On Pretender co-star Andrea Parker): She has been, definitely, the joy of working on this show, particularly as we're all Centre related, so we've got much more opportunity to interact with her than with Jarod. Andrea has been one of the solid joys of working in the Centre. We have the opportunity of interacting with her almost every time that we go on the stage. And she's been a total surprise in every show for four years - in fact five years now. We saw her budding into a comedienne at first, and then an action star, and even a tragedienne.

  • Patrick Bauchau is one of the more elegant actors around.

    Patrick Bauchau is one of the more elegant actors around.

    My first glimpse of him was as Archon Raine in Kindred:The Embraced, a wonderful, over-the-top vampiric drama/soap. Yet, the gravity didn't come from the lead, it came from his mentor and advisor, Archon. This elegant European gentleman brought an air of dignity to the sometimes far-out vampire politics. The sacrifice Archon makes at the end of the run, if you watch all the episodes, not only seems soapily enevitible, but a bit heart-breaking.

    Mr. Bauchau next won me over with his Sydney on The Pretender. I loved that show, not just for Jarod, but for Sydney's handling of the entire situation; of the playing everyone so that he could do the best for the most. His scenes with Miss Parker (the sublime Andrea Parker),were wonderful and usually could elicit a giggle or a 'geez, Syd!' out of me.

    I recently saw part of his appearance on House, and was not at all amzaed that I wasn't fond of Dr. Chase, the elder, very much. Yet, I understood him- the mark of a good actor. (Of course, good scripts help, but that's for another place and time!)

    I will be a fan of Patrick Bauchau's for as long as I can. Watch him wherever you can!moreless
  • I used to think this guy was an ace actor but I've recently seen some work of his that wasn't very believable and have had to re-evaluate my opinion of him.moreless

    I have seen Bauchau in the Pretender and in Carnivale. He is generally very good and can create some convincing characters.

    I watched the episode of the Pretender when Jacob dies recently. In it he has a scene in which he has to cry. I didn't feel that this was done very well at all and it wasn't very believable. I have seen sixth form/college students do similar scenes to a higher standard.

    Sorry to any die hard fans of his but this is how I felt about his work. I thought he was a very good actor up until that point and was quite disappointed when I saw that part of the episode.moreless