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  • Patrick Bauchau is one of the more elegant actors around.

    Patrick Bauchau is one of the more elegant actors around.

    My first glimpse of him was as Archon Raine in Kindred:The Embraced, a wonderful, over-the-top vampiric drama/soap. Yet, the gravity didn't come from the lead, it came from his mentor and advisor, Archon. This elegant European gentleman brought an air of dignity to the sometimes far-out vampire politics. The sacrifice Archon makes at the end of the run, if you watch all the episodes, not only seems soapily enevitible, but a bit heart-breaking.

    Mr. Bauchau next won me over with his Sydney on The Pretender. I loved that show, not just for Jarod, but for Sydney's handling of the entire situation; of the playing everyone so that he could do the best for the most. His scenes with Miss Parker (the sublime Andrea Parker),were wonderful and usually could elicit a giggle or a 'geez, Syd!' out of me.

    I recently saw part of his appearance on House, and was not at all amzaed that I wasn't fond of Dr. Chase, the elder, very much. Yet, I understood him- the mark of a good actor. (Of course, good scripts help, but that's for another place and time!)

    I will be a fan of Patrick Bauchau's for as long as I can. Watch him wherever you can!
  • I used to think this guy was an ace actor but I've recently seen some work of his that wasn't very believable and have had to re-evaluate my opinion of him.

    I have seen Bauchau in the Pretender and in Carnivale. He is generally very good and can create some convincing characters.

    I watched the episode of the Pretender when Jacob dies recently. In it he has a scene in which he has to cry. I didn't feel that this was done very well at all and it wasn't very believable. I have seen sixth form/college students do similar scenes to a higher standard.

    Sorry to any die hard fans of his but this is how I felt about his work. I thought he was a very good actor up until that point and was quite disappointed when I saw that part of the episode.
  • One very talented and educated actor. I had the pleasure to meet him and loved any minute spent with him.

    I had the pleasure to meet Patrick Bauchau in his The Pretender year's. Two friends and myself had a website on this show in France. His wife contacted us and we became friends. We met several times in France and in LA.

    He is a kind-hearted man and his general knowledge is amazing. You can talk hours with him about anything. He invited us to visit the set of the show and showed us around like we were old friends.

  • Brought greatness to an already get Carnivale cast. **Might Contain Spoiler**

    Prof. Lodz was one of the best characters in the show Carnivale. The creepy aspect he brought to the table, along with the bearded lady, was classic. His interactions with Ben Hawkins were bar none some of the best of the show. Him and Brother Justin were perfectly antagonistic thoughout the duration of the first season.

    His interactions with the aloways entertaining Samson was also classic. Management brought up the creepy factor Lodzs had worked so hard to keep up, and when they joined forces, you never knew what was next. Sadly he had to die at the end of the first season, but at least it was a meaningful death.