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  • Patrick Bauchau is one of the more elegant actors around.

    Patrick Bauchau is one of the more elegant actors around.

    My first glimpse of him was as Archon Raine in Kindred:The Embraced, a wonderful, over-the-top vampiric drama/soap. Yet, the gravity didn't come from the lead, it came from his mentor and advisor, Archon. This elegant European gentleman brought an air of dignity to the sometimes far-out vampire politics. The sacrifice Archon makes at the end of the run, if you watch all the episodes, not only seems soapily enevitible, but a bit heart-breaking.

    Mr. Bauchau next won me over with his Sydney on The Pretender. I loved that show, not just for Jarod, but for Sydney's handling of the entire situation; of the playing everyone so that he could do the best for the most. His scenes with Miss Parker (the sublime Andrea Parker),were wonderful and usually could elicit a giggle or a 'geez, Syd!' out of me.

    I recently saw part of his appearance on House, and was not at all amzaed that I wasn't fond of Dr. Chase, the elder, very much. Yet, I understood him- the mark of a good actor. (Of course, good scripts help, but that's for another place and time!)

    I will be a fan of Patrick Bauchau's for as long as I can. Watch him wherever you can!