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    Patrick: (talking about his twin boys before they were born) We have names for them, but we're not telling anyone, because usually, someone has an association with the name that you pick. It's a dog or a cat, or an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that they don't like anymore, so it certainly ruins the whole thing for you. But Apple is a good name. It's fresh. It's crunchy. I'm sorry, that was very rude of me. But fruits are good names. Like Banana. Banana and Peach! I'm just testing the waters here to get a reaction.

    Patrick: I'm just enjoying life more than I ever have. I've worked hard to get to this point in my relationship and my career. I understand how fortunate we are to have the phenomenon that's happening with Grey's Anatomy. I'm trying to enjoy the moment while it's here and be able to provide for my family so that I can step away and enjoy raising them away from all this. For me, being a dad is the meaning of life.

    Patrick: (on his wedding ceremony) There was no big disaster. We just had the photographers. They got really drunk and gave us one picture from the whole experience. But we gave everybody Instamatic Cameras and those were some of the best shots. We had a great time.

    Patrick: (on his popularity affecting his wife) If someone acts inappropriately or suggestively towards me, it grates on her. I mean, I'm a married man and the last thing you need in that situation is to be considered a sexy individual. I'm trying to just have a calm family life, to make my marriage work.

    Patrick: (on racing) It's a very Zen experience. You're so in the moment. For me, it's the only place where I really can relax and calm down.

    Patrick: (about opening a center for cancer patients in Maine) Celebrity in itself is not that fabulous, but if you can use it to help make a change, it's great. Maine is part of the core of who I am, and I want to give back to that community. My mom is not a person who talks about her feelings a lot, but I think she's quietly very proud of me.

    Patrick: (endorsing his new fragrance from Avon) At the heart of Unscripted is the idea of living your life on your own terms, and not by a written script. It's about loving what you do, and doing it in your own unique way, rather than being defined by rules.

    Patrick: (on his good looks) I look in the mirror and wonder what they're all seeing. If anything, I see what I don't like about my face.

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    Patrick: I think all the struggling--from the fame ending [in my earlier career] to that first marriage, which was just a completely insane Freudian thing, to the aftermath of it all--it made me have to grow up and get a life. I needed my comeuppance and to get grounded. And I think it helps me now, this time around. I'll look at younger actors and I'll see that they want stardom so desperately, and it's too transparent. They're trying too hard. When I met my wife, she was the first one to say to me, 'You want it too badly. Let go of it.' So I did, and that's actually when things started to turn around.

    Patrick: My dream is to be in a town where we'd have that kind of isolation. I want my daughter to experience that sort of life that I had. There's nothing greater than being in the woods and having that peace and quiet. That beauty, it's definitely sort of religious to me. That's like my church.

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