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  • absolutely HEARTBROKEN

    This is just to freaking sad. I am crying my eyes out here and my heart is breaking and seriously broken. I have lived, ate and breathed this fantastic series, cried and laughed with all still, re watching every episode. DEREK is part of the furniture in Greys FROM DAY 1. As is all that has left, and its sad and heartbreaking to have seen many leave. BUT PLEASE CAN THIS EPISODE 21 s 11, BE A "BAD DREAM???!!!" PLEASE BRING DEREK BACK. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
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  • Great actor/person.

    Love him on "Grey's" only.
  • Summary: I think Patrick Dempsey is okay, but nothing to get excited about.

    Too much of a pretty boy, seems wimpy too. :-/ He appears to have little substance as a performer. I think he's only a mediocre actor, too, and easily typecast - he'll never be able to play a truly vast array of characters like some actors are capable of. I don't see what all the fuss is about for him, honestly... (Sorry, if you're a fan - however, I'm allowed to have an opinion too, you know.) I know he's known as "McDreamy" and all that, but he's not even THAT good looking - he's okay, though I think he's starting to show his age. He also has an indistinct face (he looks like a stereotype). Anyway, I'm sure he's a nice person and everything, but I'm not overwhelmed by any of his performances, thus far.
  • klinssan

    Mmm... McDreamy ! ! ! The brightest star in the anatomy, charming, sexy, unsurpassed! Go around this guy is impossible to pass! It adds beauty to a serial, this male beauty! Patrick really cool guy! In principle, all actors in the Gray's anatomy is great, great people in the excellent series with a remarkable story! Is there a single person who looked at least one series of anatomy, says that serial sludge? I don't think that such people exist. You can start watching any series of any season and will still be interesting, exciting and want to watch TV series from the beginning!
  • Best looking character on the show

    Patrick Dempsey is sooo good on Grey's Anatomy.Can he and Meredith stop fighting and just have a steady relationship! Anyway for those who haven't watched the show Patrick Dempsey plays the wonderful Derek "McDreamy" Sheperd, cardio theurastic surgeon. In the first episode of Season1 Meredith sleeps with him, not knowing that where she will start work the next day at Seattle Grace Hospital Derek also works there, AS HER BOSS! Throughout the seasons they have a steady relationship, Addison comes in and tries to repair her marriage with McDreamy, Meredith and Derek are back together, they are fighting etc, etc. Patrick Dempsey is a fantastic actor being able to portray such a wide variety of emotions. If he dies in Season 5 (and I i know he can't) the ratings would significantly drop as I would say he is one of the main reasons people watch the show. If he did die (which I know he doesn't) or quit surgery or something I wonder what his spinoff would be like (like Private Practice for Addison)? If you haven't watched Grey's before I urge you to as you will thoroughly enjoy the plotlines and characters, especially McDreamy.
  • Oh my Dempsey, this man is amazing.

    Patrick Dempsey is an amazing human being. His career took off at an early age and soon after, his dyslexia started to get in the way and was having a difficult time reading his lines. He went through a major (15-years approx) slump and came back on top thanks to ABC's hit show, Grey's Anatomy. He was reborn. And America (and the world for that matter) loved him once again. The hair, the smile, the charm, the eyes... The awesomeness. He's such a great guy and loves his wife and kids so much. And now that he's been able to have the money to start his 2nd career in race car driving, he's only gotten hotter. I completely respect this man because of all the twists and turns life through at him, but he stuck to acting and ended up on top. He's a real role model. And he does it all while looking great.
  • I wish he was for real

    I can mainly judge him from the roles he plays... which all show him as the charming person... i adore the way he acts... i mean his smile for one is more than enough and his eye contact which are the most important things for me... i really loved him as McDreamy because he truely relly is... the way his character talks is perfect it's most girls dream to have someone like him that stalks you in that romantic way... and also in enchanted where he turned out to be PRINCE CHARMING... this shows howmuch he is fit to play that character... i only hope he's really that way away from the lights!!!!!!!
  • McDreamy finally in action

    "Grey's Anatomy" finally did justice to this underrated actor, whom I love to watch on the medical drama from ABC. In my opinion, this intelligent and handsome artist managed to stay away from copycat roles, even during his early career. Maybe he was out of luck, or simply the agents did not see in him the potential of a star, but he was not distributed in big pictures, so it is now the time for him to build a reputation. Derek Sheperd was not the first medical like figure Patrick Dempsey auditioned for. He seemed to know where the key to his affirmation is, as he first tried to get a role in "House", another medical drama. Second time lucky, he is now well known for his role and his talent finally discovered, in "Grey's Anatomy".
  • It's such a shame that his career didn't take off sooner!

    I have loved Patrick Dempsey since "Can't Buy Me Love". He was dorky and sweet, but he had potential to be a real heartbreaker at the same time. He grew up into an amazingly handsome man with so much talent. He is great as McDreamy. He is soft and sensitive, but he can do broody and injured as well. I am happy that he is doing movies again; I just hope that he will pick carefully the movies that will continue to further his career. He is definitely getting better with age. I hope to see Mr. Dempsey around on tv for a while longer.
  • A Great Actor.

    He's sexy, charming, and ca act. What more can you want! McDreamy grabbed a hold of my, and those of thousands of women around the world, heart! He seems to have chemistry with all of his co stars. On Greys he just works so well with Ellen, Kathrine,and Sandra. I have to say, I would love to see him do a real action movie with lots of fighting and violeence. Sorry Patrick, but the movies your in are to happy:( He is great with kids and is a fantastic father to his three kids. I want to take him home to mom so badly!!!
  • Not only is he gorgous, he's also an amazing actor.

    I'm so glad, he's finally got his big break into stardom. He really deserves it.

    He will always be 'McDreamy' to me :)
    He's amazing in Grey's Anatomy.
    Enchanted was pretty good aswell.

    I simply can't wait for Made of Honor, it's looks SO good.

    He also has REALLY good hair.
    It's soo nice.
    Especially in Made of Honor and Grey's Anatomy - Season 4.

    He was really good in Sweet Home Alabama. Which I like to call the 'Pre-McDreamy' phase. Simple, because it was filmed a couple of years before Grey's Anatomy aired.

    I'm really glad he didn't get the role of House. I'm suprised he auditioned for it really 'cause he seems too nice and gorgeous to play the role of House.

    There will always be a place fo Patrick Dempsey, in my heart :D
  • i luv the character he play on grey's anatomy also he is like really fine

    he is the best actor ever i luv his hair and eyes theyer so dreamy no wonder he got the name McDreamy not only his goood looks he is sooo talented seriously i luv the movie freedom writes it was like the best also Sweet Home Alabama and another movie but i forgot the name, seriously he got in the acting thing when he was 15 then like after that he made over 20 movies also he play in and guest stars in: Will And Grace, Once And Again, and Blonde. also like he really has something for car which really anit a bad thing racing car its azome ok so like back to his character in greys anatomy who look hot in scrubs he is like my favorite guy characte on grey's anatomy that mostly it he is talented and fine there anit the nothing missing
  • Playing a very complex character never seemed so easy.

    Patrick Dempsey is a great actor, most girls will agree with me for different reasons (great hair, nice eyes) but he does bring a down to earth quality to the show “Grey’s Anatomy” because the interns are all neurotics in every way, situations always are exaggerated and every relationship pushed to the edge; he always plays it calm and collected but sometimes he can play vulnerable with confidence, he can play the suffering husband, the strained lover, the guilty party (especially in the first season with Meredith) and have some kind of relationship with his former best friend, especially at a professional level. At the end of this season we have seen him feeling pushed out from Meredith’s life while reflecting on his own decision and the pain they caused others. He always delivered and with a charismatic ensemble is no easy task.
  • Patrick Galen Dempsey is an American actor. He first became prominent in Hollywood during the late 1980s and is also known for his role as neurosurgeon Dr.Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy.

    Patrick is a very talented actor who has been on many shows/movies. He is also considered handsome by many.

    This are the roles he has been in

    Year Title Role Other Notes 2007 Enchanted Robert 2007 Freedom Writers Scott Casey 2006 Brother Bear 2 Kenai voice only 2004 Iron Jawed Angels Ben Weissman 2003 Lucky 7 Peter Connor 2002 Sweet Home Alabama Andrew Hennings 2000 Scream 3 Det. Mark Kincaid 1998 The Bible: Jeremiah Jeremiah 1995 Outbreak Jimbo Scott Bloodknot Tom 1994 With Honors Everett Calloway Ava's Magical Adventure Jeffrey 1991 Mobsters Meyer Lansky Run Charlie Farrow 1990 Coupe de Ville Robert 'Bobby' Libner 1989 Loverboy Happy Together Christopher Wooden 1988 Some Girls Micheal In a Shallow Grave Daventry 1987 Can't Buy Me Love Ronald Miller In the Mood Ellsworth 'Sonny' Wisecarver 1986 Meatballs III: Summer Job Rudy A Fighting Choice Kellin Taylor Fast Times (TV Series) Mike Damone 1985 The Stuff Underground Stuff buyer #2 Heaven Help Us Corbet
  • greys anatomy is the best and i think that 'desire' is going to be a really great episode

    I'm in love with him he is like so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that him and Meredith stay together because it looks like there in love with each other. I believe that in episode "desire" that Derek will choose not to be with Meredith because that have to have the show interesting. I really hope that he does pick her over his job but i will be surprised. i think that Cristina and Burke will not get married because i don't think that Cristina is the type of person to. I am hoping that the series will not end for a very long time because i love this show it is always the best.
  • From "Donald the dork" to Dr. McDreamy

    I still remember the first time I have ever seen Patrick Dempsey. It is still one of my all time favorite all time movies, "Can't buy me love." In this, Patrick played nerd Ronald Miller who paid a cheerleader to date him. What was even funnier was that she thought his name was Donald. This was one of his best performance. I have really loved seeing him evolve into the character of Derek Shepard in Grey's Anatomy. He has really change both in his acting and his looks. With how much he has evolved over the last 20 years, I can't wait to see how great of an actor he will be 20 years from now. He will probably be the next Sean Connery.
  • i almost love him as much ad Nat Wolff!!!

    oh my goodness is this guy hot or what??? I love him sooo much I wish I could meet him!! Wow...if he wasn't a lot older than me I'd certainly like him more than NAt Wolff. He's a great actor, too. He's so dreamy....see when I first started watching the show I didn't know he was on so it was a pleasant surprize. Wow I am amazed. I think he pretty much is the star of the show...or for me at least. He's pretty much what makes me watch this show. I love this guy so much he's my life.
  • An extremely attractive actor whos Grey's Anatomy character is quickly charming the heart of every woman who sees him on the screen... My Lord... I love you, Patrick!

    I loved Patrick Dempsey in Sweet Home Alabama. I thought he was awesome and I loved the he let go of Reese Witherspoon's character when she realised that she didn't love him but I think Patrick will be forever tied to his role in Grey's Anatomy which I personally have no problem with. I don't want him anywhere but on Grey's Anatomy where I can watch him and fall in love with him every episode despite the decisions that he makes and the situations that he encounters. My heart almost broke when I heard the rumour that he was thinking of leaving the show because he didn't like where his chracter was going. How could he not like where Derek is going? Derek is deciding that being in love and being happy in life is more important than following the responsibilities he thought he had committed to for life with another person, but the other person didn't take as seriously as he did. Derek is awesome and he's doing what every person should do but rarely does because they're scared or lazy or feeling obligated. He's an inspirational character.
  • Ok He has to be the hottest doctor on Tv Since George Clooney Left !!!! But honestly I would still have a hard time picking between him and McSteamy !!!

    He is a god looking man and I Know Im not the only one that thinks this. I have him as Mcdreamy on my would do list lol. I would like to send him my congratualtions on his new baby boy twins. I saw a mag shot of them and there mcCutie scrubs. I think if anyone sold them they would most definatly make a mint on them. Anyway this review is more about his role as mc Dreamy and what McDreamy is hot. McDreamy has a great personality. he is down to earth, romantic, dashing and well just the whole bring him home to meet the parents type of guy. This is whatI think makes him attractive to most women. The Only thing that McSteamy has on him is that when you look at mcSteamy as they say in the show you think "dirty" kind like what colin ferrel has going on. You would "do" him but would never bring him home to meet the parents sorta thing. I think that the perfect man would be a combination of both ambye a little more mcdreamy with a side of mcsteamy!!!
  • Gorgeous and Talented!

    Before Grey's Anatomy, I loved him in Can't Buy Me Love. And now, I have a chance to watch him weekly! On Grey's Anatomy I am so impressed with his ability to speak through his eyes. With the masks on it can be harder to convey emotion and feeling, but he is so amazing at it. The chemistry that he and Ellen Pompeo has is just astounding to me. I also really love that he is into racing. His story about driving in Mexico is great. I also an really excited that he is a great family man with two new additions!
  • empty

    Patrick Dempsey has been around this business for a while so it's no surprise that the man has finally made it big with his hit television show, "Grey's Anatomy." But, it was his work in film that really got him to a point where he could make his big break. He's a solid actor with a solid filmography.
  • Patrick Dempsey and Derek, the Knight in shining Whatever, on Grey's Anatomy!

    I have watched almost all of Patrick Dempsey's work but it wasn't until i watched Grey's Anatomy that i fell in love with the guy. I realize that i fell in love with Derek the person Patrick is playing. Patrick was the perfect person to be Derek. He is hot, energetic and smart enough for the part. Derek is the perfect guy. Yeah he has flaws, but who cares. Me and the rest of the female part of the planet who watch Grey's Anatomy are wishing that he would be our "Knight in Shining Whatever." There is also a Grey's Anatomy lovers group on that anyone who has an account can join. Weekly discussions on episodes and characters.
  • A good guy.

    Along with being very good looking, I believe that Patrick Dempsey seems like an all around good guy both on set and off. I look forward to seeing his new movie Freedom Writers, which also stars Hilary Swank. As many of you know, he has starred in other movies as well. However, I think his best work is with Greys Anatomy, his hit show. Not only is he the sexy McDreamy, he is also Meredith's boyfriend and one of the top doctors at Seattle Grace. I hope to see Dempsey in many more films to come. I'm rootin for you, Patrick!
  • Patrick grew up in Maine. He is actually an amazing juggler. He is married and has one daughter, and his wife is pregnant with twins. He met his wife at a hair salon, when he went in for a hair cut.He finally came back into the limelight on Grey's Anatomy

    He is absolutly gorgeous. I could watch him for hours. His hair is amazing. He is the hotest 40 year old I have ever seen. I think he's hotter now than he was when he was younger; which never usually happens. Well I just think he's great. Well all I can say is that I love Patrick Dempsey.
  • I love Patric Dempsey!

    Patric Dempsey is the best (and the most handsome)actor ever! He is very talented. I think that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey should be together. They fit so well together!!!! I hope that Patrick will play in many series and films in the future.

    Birthday: 01/13/1966 Birthplace: Lewiston, Maine, USA Occupation: Actor Sign: Capricorn Facts about Patrick Dempsey:
    Patrick only allows his wife to cut his hair. Patrick starred as Randy Bodek in the 1989 comedy Loverboy. As a child, one of Patricks ambitions was to be a supermodel.

    Patrick replaced Jason Marsden for the voice of Kenai in Brother Bear 2. Patrick graduated from St. Dominic Regional High School. Patrick and wife Jill are expecting their second child. Patrick is currently appearing in New York & Company Adds, with Grey\'s Anatomy costar Ellen Pompeo. (Summer 2006) Patrick is an accomplished ski racer. Patrick and Ellen Pompeo presented the Emmy to Megan Mullaly for best supporting actress in a comedy series.
  • Patrick is one of my favorites of all times. The show that he's filming "Grey's Anatomy", I look forward to watching it every week. He used to be skinny but now he's got that body that makes him look good and he has a little meat on his bones.

    Patrick Dempsey used to be a geek when he was young, but he was still cute though. Now he is so gorgeous. He's also funny sometimes. He has some movies that I like. "Can't Buy Me Love" is one of my favorite movies that he did. "Grey's Anatomy" is one of my shows I watched that he's doing. He's a really good actor and he's one of my favorites.
  • i luv McDreamy!!!

    I had the biggest crush on Patrick Dempsey, even before he became Dr. Derek Shepherd. I thought he was absolutely adorable in Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy. Every time I watch Sweet Home Alabama, I still think there is a chance that Reese Witherspoon's character will pick Patrick Dempsey in the end.

    Now, he is on the hit TV show, Grey's Anatomy. He plays Dr. Derek Shepherd, and you just can't get enough of him. He has gorgeous hair and gorgeous eyes. He is definitely the sexiest doctor I have ever seen.
  • All three classifications handsome, charming, and gorgous. This guy is just plain H-O-T! When did he get so H-O-T? Who doesn't think this guy is H-O-T?

    All three classifications handsome, charming, and gorgous. This guy is just plain H-O-T! When did he get so H-O-T? Who doesn't think this guy is H-O-T?

    Oh my god, where do I start with him? He's gorgous, a real charmer, sooo cute it's unbelieveable! ( If her boss looked like this, who can blame Meredith Grey for hooking up with him on Grey's Anatomy? ) oh did I forget to mention a truly great actor? He's the kind where you look up and think "wow, where have you been all my life?" But why are all the fit guys to old for me?
  • The most naturally charming actor on tv

    I loved him in Scream 3 but I didn\'t realise it was him till I looked at the trivia in the guide. He was great in Sweet Home and does a good job in Grey\'s.
    I think he has such a wonderful natural good-guy charm about him and although he his acting there seems to be so little pretense about him. I hope we see more of him.
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