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  • Patrick Duffy is great in this show. He has great comedic talent and does everything well from slap-stick, goofy husband, to sensitive father. He has been highly under-rated as an actor. In fact this show has be highly under-rated as well.

    I love Step by Step. This show has been highly under-rated and should be out on video. Scrubs is on video for crying out loud! Patrick Duffy is a really good comedy actor. He can do the typical father/husband comedy well and is very good at slap-stick. To balance this he is very believable as a sensitive father. All of the other principle characters were good as well. However, Lilly #2 did tend to be too conscious of being cute.

    As with all shows, some episodes were silly but most were excellent. Even the silly ones had some good and very funny moments. The characters were not merly vehicles for one-liners, but each had a unique personality and stayed pretty true to it. The brother-sister bickering was typical but did not indicate hatefulness as many of today's shows do. Although the parents had their differences (how could we have comedy without it) they were clearly committed to their relationship and had true affection for one another. Role models we desperately need today. I would describe this show as good, clean fun. I guess that is why it is not on video and has not hit TV Land. Please don't tell ABC or they may have to run a disclaimer before its airing claiming that "the views expressed on this show do not reflect the views of ABC", as they do before 'Living the Life' or worse yet, discontinue showing it.
  • Patrick Duffy

    Patrick Duffy is one good actor.
    Although i really havent seen any of his movies its his tv appearnces. Patrick Duffy is a really good actor in shows like dallas and others. I belive he was in Step by step but not sure. I hope that he continues with his tv jobs or in movies because i hope to also see more of him in the future.
  • Handsome and talented

    Patrick Duffy will forever be Bobby Ewing of Dallas though
    He had a hit in Step by Step a comedy in the 1990's on TGIF
    Saddened that his parents died in such a tragic way and despite not agreeing with him being a buddhist
    Still love him a lot! Long live Bobby Ewing!