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  • Patrick Flueger on the TV series "The 4400"

    Patrick Flueger plays the role of Shawn Farrell on my favorite TV show "The 4400". I don't know what is was about his character on the show but I was drawn to him instantly. Throughout the whole show I would look at his performance and think "wow, he is really a good actor". I really didn't like the fact that he hooked up with Nikki, I thought that was pretty messed up but other than that I loved his character. I personally thought his relationship with Isabelle was the greatest part of the show. I loved them together. It broke my heart when they broke up. Overall I think Patrick is a excellent actor and I would love to see more of his work.
  • Unbelievably talented! This guy can really act!

    Patrick is the kind of guy you look at and then you immediately admire. He's the kind of actor you see and you're like, Oh my goodness this guy can act!! At least, that's what I saw. I think I saw him first on Princess Diaries, but I didn't realize it was him. I thought he was really cute anyhow; very funny. Anyway, then I watched The 4400 and was like, Oh man that's him!! And then I saw Patrick on Law and Order: SVU. His performance blew me away. It was unbelievably real. His expressions and actions were just amazing. I thought he really stole that episode. It still remains my favorite eppi of Law and Order: SVU to that day. He's just an incredible actor.
  • he is soooooooo kool and he rox expecially bcause hes my cuzin! ya he roxx

    he is soooooooo kool and he rox expecially bcause hes my cuzin! ya he roxx my sox off and he is soo nice but ya!!!!! i loved him in the princess diaries,i loved him in the 4400, i loved him in the worlds fastest indian in fact i loved him in everything and i cant wait to see him ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I like this guy.

    I saw him for the first time on Law and Order: SVU and I thought he was really cute and very believable under the contexts of the episode. I thought that should be used more because I had no clue that he was currently starring on the 4400. After accidently tuning in to an episode of the 4400 and seeing him playing Shawn Ferrell I started tuning in regularly. I love his character and I think that he a very good actor. I hope if the 4400 doesn't continue to make a strong run for many more seasons Patrick doesn't fall by the wayside or resort to small guest starring roles. He deserves to be star.
  • Not only is he fun to watch but he is extreamly beleiveable!

    I have nothing but good things to say about Patrick!
    I first saw him (to my best memory) in The Princess Diaries yearssss ago... Then i saw him in the 4400 (a show i cant live without)
    He might have landed a small role in The Princess Diaries, but he wasnt well known at the time!
    Now that he is still in the third season of the 4400 he is better known and has a better chance of landing those leading roles, if he so choices to do so!
    I think (and hope) that the 4400 will go on and he'll have a place to be! He might soon land roles on other Science Fiction shows (espeically since he admits to being a Sci- Fi geek) ---> which makes me happier
  • Talented and has a great future!

    I think that he is very talented and not to
    Mention he sings and writes his own music as well
    As play a guitar this boy can. Also is a great
    Actor and has a great future ahead of him if he can
    Pick the right choices and roles. Love him on the 4400!
    Wish him the best of luck. Very cute as well!
  • Tekken 2 in-game text: \"A NEW CHALLENGER ENTERS!!\" Announcer (*\"select\" orchestra hit*): \"Patrick Flueger!\"


    Oh Gawd...just look at him! If Shawn Farrell and Jun Kazama had a battle, it would end in a draw, as Shawn and Jun have similar powers, but Jun is psychic in Tekken. Enough about this Jun Kazama nonsense, let\'s get it on!

    I feel so nervous after writing this review...I\'m afraid I\'ll see Shawn Farrell again in my dreams (see my \"Families\" review--better pray to God that Jinpachi Mishima does NOT mess things up like he did LAST time), so I\'m going to make sure to write the best things possible about Patrick. This has turned into...

    Tekken 5 Announcer: Round One, Fight!

    (Mariska wins)

    So close! Mariska edged Patrick by ONE point! Learning about Patrick Flueger reminded me of the times I printed off the biographies of both Jeff Hardy and Marilyn Manson (Manson was when Story of the Year lead vocalist Dan Marsala turned 24). I had to dock off .4 (he would\'ve beaten Mariska!) because of Jon Cryer/Viggo Mortensen/Dennis Hopper and Jinpachi Mishima\'s interference in a dream I had on 5/30/06, blaming Shawn Farrell for it, and .2 for Aidan Connor possibly being that girl\'s killer in \"Families\", giving Mariska the advantage.

    ADVANTAGE: MARISKA (dead giveaway)

    SCORE TO BEAT: Shawn Farrell tied Olivia Benson!
    Aidan Connor lost ALL the points in L&O: SVU, but Shawn made me realize that Patrick was so much better playing him. No worries, as I said earlier, the match against Jun and Shawn would end in a draw, as she is angelic as well, but Shawn can drain her energy, resulting in that rather silly death scream in Tekken 2. He may be no American Idol, but he stops right there with Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

    SCORE TO BEAT: Patrick Flueger tied Mariska Hargitay!
    What can I say? Patrick and Mariska are equally matched. My mom and I saw him doing his stuff on The 4400 last night (NBC was telling us how The 4400 got started). Patrick may have not won the war against Mariska, but at least he found a new friend in my review. But one has to wonder, like Mariska, are there any worldwide fans of Patrick Flueger or The 4400? Only time will tell. Follow Mariska\'s example, Patrick (by heading west). Oh, and one more thing...

    Tekken 2 Announcer: \"Mariska Hargitay WINS!\"

    I encourage Patrick Flueger fans to watch The 4400 this season (and keep watching if you\'ve already seen it), and all Mariska Hargitay fans to keep watching Law & Order: SVU!!! There\'s no telling where this newcomer will go next!

  • Oh my god. He is so cute. I mean really, why can't all guys look like him?

    Oh my god. He is so cute. I mean really, why can't all guys look like him? I swear, the world would be so much better if more guys were that hot! Not to mention his character is cool. Wow, cute and talented. All in all, A+ in my book. Perfection.
  • Patrick is an extremely good actor.

    Since the day I heard that my cousin Patrick was going into the movie buisness I was excited. I couldn't wait to see him on screen. Even though his part in the Princess Diaries wasn't a lead role. I couldn't believe that someone in my family accomplished anything that big. He is now a Star actor on the 4400. And I cant get enough of the TV Series. I have a feeling your going to get big in the buisness Patrick. And even though I havent seen you for quit some time I just wanted to let you know that everyone here in Minnesota couldn't be prouder.
  • I really think Patrick Flueger is a good actor and I hope to see him in some larger roles. Plus, he's really handsome. Why do all the handsome guys come from Minn.?

    I really think Patrick Flueger is a good actor and I hope to see him in some larger roles in the future. Plus, he's really handsome. Why do all the handsome guys come from Minn.? Haha. Looking forward to seeing you in some more stuff. Keep up the good work!
  • WOW!! What a cuttie!

    Okay he is like my little brother’s age, but HOLY COW what a piece of eye candy! I know he is new to the TV scene, but this guy is good. I really like The 4400 but this kid makes it all worth watching! (Don’t tell anybody, but I would watch anyway!) I must say his character needs to find someone to love (Oh pick me, pick me). He is young but seems to me he is gonna go a long way! Being extra cute does not hurt him any! I count down the days till Sunday; USA Network knows how to pick em!
  • The second season is even better then the first season. The story is original and I love it. I can't think of any other show that has a person waiting a week for the next episode.

    I began watcning the 4400 on the rerun day on the USA channel. The second season was about to start so the first season was showing. Patrick was the reason why I started watching the show other then the amazing plot. He pulls you in his character. The way he deals with his problems and relationships seem real also. Also he and Chad faust have great chemistry. The two of them in any scene is great. after one episode I was hooked. I can't miss an episode without feeling like I'm missing something because i want to know what happed.