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    • Patrick: (How he got started in acting) I've been in a play once in the summer with a couple of friends and I was like eight years old and I don't know. I really had a good time, you know and it was something I just kept doing and it wasn't necessarily something I wanted to pursue as a career as an eight year old but I definitely enjoyed it and I was lucky enough to grow old in a community that really supported the arts and gave you a lot of opportunities as a child to explore the craft of acting, so yeah.

    • (when asked if he believe time travel is possible)
      Patrick Flueger: I'm a strong believer in the fact that anything is possible, but I like the fact that it's not possible right now because if it were all possible now, what would we have to dream about? So, absolutely I think that time travel is possible. I have no clue how you would do it, though.

    • (when asked if he relate to his character in "The 4400")
      Patrick Flueger: Wow, that's a loaded question. Jackie McKenzie, who plays Diana Skouris on the show, gave me the best advice. I'd always looked at my character this way, but had never been able to put it into words. Shawn is like a best friend of mine. He's like a really, really good friend of mine. It's not me. It's definitely a person outside of me. When I talk about Shawn I talk about him in the third person and that's kind of how I relate to him. He's this person that I really, really just care about and I want to tell his story as best that I can and the stories of the people surrounding him. That's really the best way that I can explain it.

    • (about him being "really campy" when is character is healing people on the show "The 4400")
      Patrick Flueger: The way that it was written in that first episode you'd think that like looking at it on a piece of paper you might like worry about it being a little campy, but it really, really wasn't, even when they described it on paper. [Director] Yves Simoneau and [4400 co-creator] Scott Peters have just been overseeing everything and they're really like the brain children behind this whole thing. You always feel like you're going to be protected. I always know that they're going to make us look cool. Like I don't even have to do a good job and they're going to make me look cool. Now I am doing a good job, but I'm almost excused from it just because I know that they're going to keep their end of it.

    • (when asked if he was a big fan of the movie The Rocketeer)
      Patrick Flueger: Yes. Actually, when Billy [Campbell] came on I was visiting my family and friends in Minnesota and I saw that "The Rocketeer" was going to be on and that was like the biggest celebrity sighting for my friends. That's like much bigger than like Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. So we rented it and sat down and watched it and had kind of a party.

    • ( Speaking of The 4400 )
      Reporter: How did you and Patrick Flueger get past the "ick" factor of Shawn bedding young, young Isabelle?
      Megalyn Echikunwoke: Quite easily! [Laughs]

    • Reporter: Are you a science fiction fan?
      Patrick Flueger: I'm a huge science fiction fan. Star Wars just came and you don't know how hard I tried to get back home and see that movie with my little brother.