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    • (about him being "really campy" when is character is healing people on the show "The 4400")
      Patrick Flueger: The way that it was written in that first episode you'd think that like looking at it on a piece of paper you might like worry about it being a little campy, but it really, really wasn't, even when they described it on paper. [Director] Yves Simoneau and [4400 co-creator] Scott Peters have just been overseeing everything and they're really like the brain children behind this whole thing. You always feel like you're going to be protected. I always know that they're going to make us look cool. Like I don't even have to do a good job and they're going to make me look cool. Now I am doing a good job, but I'm almost excused from it just because I know that they're going to keep their end of it.